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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Ever Expanding Internal Revenue Service

Everybody fears them and those who don’t are either a member of government or insane. To them you are guilty first and must prove your innocence. They will sweep your bank account without notice. They will scour your history if you should somehow unwittingly become their target.

Once you become “noticed” you are much like a bug under their magnifying glass when the sun is highest in the sky. They will fry you and keep coming back to fry you again and again for years after. Once you are behind, you will remain so because of their convoluted and incomprehensible array of rules regarding back interest that is so absurd that if your check is a day late, they will hit you back up for a day’s interest. Not a day late of delivery but a day late for THEM in processing the check. It’s what THEY say, not what YOU say. YOU don’t rate. YOU are only here to serve the STATE. Their hands are in all pies, yours, mine and our neighbors.

They are the United States Internal Revenue Service and they will hound you until you crack,  grab a gun and then they will shoot you down. It's not like it's never happened and it does happen. 
This is the capability of this tool of the government. It is of no surprise that they have been targeting the Tea Party or any of the New Conservative, Patriot and even Religious groups since their job is to preserve the present administration.

Who? The Obama Administration? No, It's more than that. I’m referring to the latest syndicate of political/corporate power brokers that are presently running the country. THEM. The IRS gets their marching orders from more than this President of the United States. The people currently in power want no change in leadership. The Tea Party and other opposition groups are a THREAT. How dare you want to hold onto your own money!
So they send their IRS MINIONS after them. At first it starts quietly with a letter but as they start to track where all the organization’s money is, the ABA (American Banking Association) numbers, the account numbers, corporate office locations, they then begin to dissect your returns and surprise, they find SOMETHING! They then raid your offices and it will be all over the news and by freezing all your accounts, you can’t even buy justice in America. You will have to fight just to have access to your money in order to fight the rest of the charges. The stress alone will take it's toll.

What has become the most feared police force in North America was established back in 1862 when Congress created the Commission of Internal Revenue and gave it the power of seizure and prosecution.  This was made permanent by Congress in 1913 with the 16th Amendment to the Constitution.  They have been a bane to the American citizen ever since.
It’s not that we shouldn’t pay the government something since people throughout history have always paid either the King or local Noble for protection of self and commerce but it becomes a problem when they take too much and spend the money on buying influence with certain groups and to undermine others. This is not the role of proper government.

Say what you will about whether it was legal under the U.S. Constitution to establish an Income Tax or not, there it is and we as American Citizens are under its heavily armed Cuban heel.  Even with the latest revelations of wrong doing, nobody of any significance is actually going to lose their job over it. Nobody ever does in government anymore. The bleating sheep of the National Press will drown out any outcry and then they will broadcast a "look over here" issue that we all must pay attention to like Lindsey Lohan getting out of rehab or the latest Robert Downy Jr. movie. Nobody will care in a few weeks and we'll all go back to the same routine of paying the IRS demands without fuss and thanking God we didn't get the death penalty.
The significant thing that the income tax does for the U.S. Government is give it incredible access to almost endless wealth and credit. So much so that it is almost impossible to fight the government in the nation’s courts. The vast amounts of resources needed to battle the government in general and the IRS in particular is out of reach for the majority of American citizens. As the lines to be heard in America’s courts become longer, justice just keeps getting farther out of reach.  The tax code has become the baseball bat the government will use to beat you bloody.

And now the IRS has become the Club of Reckoning for the National Health Care Act. Their access to our personal information unhindered and unchecked. Not that the IRS didn’t already know everything about you, they now will have finger tip access to your personal medical records: What kind of Chemotherapy you are on, what pills you need to take and when you last had a thrombosed hemorrhoid lanced. They can audit you, your relatives, your doctor and the medical organization he works for. And they can shut you all off with the push of a button.  
And it all just depends what organization you belong to. Is it a good organization or a bad organization?

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