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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Arming Syrian Revolutionaries Is A Really Bad Idea

Who on God’s Green Earth thinks, besides the heads of the UN, EU and the US State Department, thinks that that arming Islamic Extremists in Syria is a good idea?
That’s right, nobody

Because it’s a crazy idea, that’s why.
Haven’t we learned one lesson in our endless conflict with these Islamic hoards?

We see these U.S. weapons twice. Once when they go out the shipping dock door and again when they’re fired back over the wall at us.
The U.S. remains a mostly Christian nation. The problem is that these Muslims HATE Christians. Not only will these weapons be used in the attempt to topple Assad’s regime, they will also be used to wage the ongoing war on the Christians that are still living in the country. There is great and abundant evidence that these Islamic “Revolutionaries” are killing Christians wherever they find them. So let’s give these people top notch weaponry so that they can finish the job!

Then there is Israel. Weapons in the Middle East have this uncanny habit of moving around. You never know where they will end up. Perhaps Gaza, perhaps Lebanon, who knows. The only given is at whom they will be aimed at if they do show up in these places.

Then there is the U.S. itself. We are the largest arms dealer in the world and business is GOOD. But if peace should break out and people stop fighting, business is BAD.

Instead of arming them, we should be starving them. It’s only a rebellion because the US is clandestinely supported them. Without the support of the US there is no so called revolt. The only real conflict here is the one pitting non-sectarian killers against religious killers. No good will come from continued US involvement. We can’t keep drugs out of this country; we’re going to keep these people from smuggling weapons into it?
So far the United States has done a great job of diplomacy in North Africa over the years and recent history is no exception. In the late 1970s we practically created the hard line rule and rise of Islamic resurgence in Iran by backing the ruthless Shah who served US interests above his own nations and have protected the House of Saud who keeps seemingly everybody else but their extensive family poor and who essentially rule the nation.  More recently we’ve managed to build an extreme Islamic State where none existed previously in Libya by our blatantly illegal intervention in their civil war.

These Islamic states shouldn’t be fighting us, they should be thanking us since the U.S. is doing for Islam what we did for Communism in the 1960s and 70s.  Without us, radical Islam wouldn't have half the grip on the countries as they have now.
So by all means let us openly ship arms to these needy brethren, our “brothers under the skin” so to speak.

What can possibly go wrong?

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