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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Taxpayer Funded Terrorism

There is little doubt any longer that it is the American taxpayer funding the demise of the American way of life? The government lets these “impoverished” groups from other countries into our nation, subsidizes their housing, gives them a stipend, a debit card, food stamps and sends them to school on the taxpayer dime so they have all the time in the world to plot and build their infernal bombs or to just plain attack people at an area Mall or even in the streets. They see this as a weakness.
When the American people say it isn’t right and try to form a political group to confront these issues in the political area, they are targeted by taxpayer funded government organizations and singled out for scrutiny and orchestrated harassment and denial of services.

When we try to protest the IRS involvement in targeting law abiding Americans from all walks of life who are dismayed by the use of the money that is taken from them everywhere they turn by government and who feel subjugated by the loss of their personal resources to fund political influence here and abroad, Homeland Security turns out armed to the teeth to keep them at bay.
This is the United States today.

Thanks to GW Bush’s Patriot Act which the Republicans pushed for and the Democrats cheered, the government now has a force of indoctrinated, loyal and partisan Apparatchiks  only hinted at during president Obama’s first campaign when he promised a military force separate from the police.
The DHS has all the information the IRS has an more. They answer to nobody but the president and they are a military unit. The IRS may audit you but the DHS can do more than that with seeming impunity.  We have already seen that government has no regard for the law these days so if our government can track their political opponents moves via their cell phones, leak their personal and financial information to their opponents and the press and limit their access to lawful services, just what else are they capable of?

It’s such a brilliant plan that if history’s dictators and oppressors were gathered together in a room to observe how this all came about, they all would have slapped their forehead sin surprise they didn’t think of it themselves. Let the taxpayer fund his own subjugation! The government can buy up all the ammunition they can get their hands on thus creating a shortage for the private citizen and municipal officer equally. This is because both are the enemy to the U.S. government. Only those people filtered and trained by the federal government will be allowed access to these resources. And since the government can write a check for any amount guaranteed by the printing press and the taxpayer, they have unlimited resources to get what they want at any price.
Letting the terrorists walk among us supported by the taxpayer dime is the key to keeping people in fear. A fearful people, without the resources to defend themselves will again turn to government for protection even though they don’t really give a whit about the people. The only thing the taxpayer is good for is funding the whole operation to a certain extent. The rest they can just print.

So while most of us are drinking beer, watching the Big Game, Reality TV, Porn or abusing prescription drugs, others are taking the advantage by spending our way to our eventual servitude and poverty.  Not enough yet have their head in the game of survival that our streets are fast becoming. The government is going to protect themselves and the rest of us are on our own.  
And what are you going to do about it?

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