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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Time To Blame Islam

They are immutable.  They live among us but they do not mix. The more radicalized among them force their women to live in bags. And when they go to a fellow Muslim for help, they get it. This is Islam today.
They are given every opportunity to assimilate into the societies that invite them but they do not assimilate. They are separate and self-isolating. Not only do I not know a Muslim, I can’t recall even meeting one. Oh I SEE them on the streets, their veiled women pushing baby carriages during the day and I drive by the Mosques but I don’t KNOW them.

And even though Islam has been at war with us since at least the 1970s when they were hijacking planes and taking over luxury ocean liners, WE have largely ignored them. They can blow up a barracks in Lebanon here, throw a wheelchair bound Jew overboard there, but it’s not the fault of Islam. After all look at all the crimes against humanity perpetrated by Christians! What about that?
I’d say the difference between the Christians and the Muslims these days is that the Christians STOPPED doing such things quite a long time ago and the Muslims seem to have ramped things up in the last decade or so or haven’t you noticed? There are Mall shootings, sniper attacks, bombings and now a hacking death in the streets of London during daylight hours.

All by Muslims.
But it’s not their fault.

It’s the RADICALS that are doing this, not “regular” Muslims. Well what is a regular Muslim these days?    
Islam spread across Europe twice as fast as Christianity did. Know why?

Because Islam was spread by the sword.

Nothing has changed.
Where Christianity had it’s Reformation, Islam has not. They have been on a single-minded tear across the civilized world since the inception of their “Religion” and the only time they were ever stopped is when they were BEATEN BACK.

Now we don’t have to go that far these days. We can just stop subsidizing these latent fiends and quit believing they will eventually come around to our way of thinking. They won’t.
They hate the 1st world so much, then why not send them back to their 3rd world.

It is the fault of Islam contextually that is causing people to feel they have to kill to spread it and to defend it. It is the fault of Muslims everywhere that people are dying and they do nothing . They ALL bear the burden of guilt and the responsibility to DO THE RIGHT THING and put themselves on the line to control their religious kindred until this violence ends.
Otherwise, ALL Muslims should be painted with the same brush of suspicion and distrust.

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