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Saturday, April 13, 2013

When Will Germany’s Debt Be Paid?

Sixty-eight years after the end of World War II, how much more time must pass before Germany can outlive it’s warring past?

If Greece had their way, that would be never. The Greeks just want Germany to just pay and pay. And to whom will the money go? Well, to Greece, of course!

Even though a settlement was reached in 1960, the now flat busted, irresponsible and child-like people of Greece want Germany to pay up again. This time they want 160 Million Euros to make amends. This fabulous amount of money is, coincidentally, roughly the amount Greece is in the hole financially for their wanton, frivolous and corrupt collective behavior. Well how about that!?
This is what Germany gets for trying to help bail out Greece in the first place. That’ll teach them. No good deed goes unpunished.

How come Greece doesn’t go after Italy for money? After all, they fought Italy in the war too. Oh, that’s right I forgot, Italy’s broke too. Can’t get blood out of a stone!

And what if Germany did pay up and Greece got the money? They would only piss it away again without a second thought. Not a debt would be paid, not a lesson would be learned. Does anyone believe otherwise? Don't be a sucker.
Greece’s public sector bloat is the stuff of public labor union leftist LEGEND. At one time public sector wages accounted for 27% of all government expenditures. I'm sure that figure did not include the pension liability either. Education and healthcare is also publicly funded.  That's a lot of green being sucked out of the economy annually without the production to back it up.

Even throughout the last four years of austerity, the Greek government has resisted any cuts to its public sector while its taxpaying private enterprises took the brunt of cuts and layoffs. They have not taken one voluntary step in the right direction for their own nation. That would be called "taking responsibility for ones actions" and there's too little of that around the world these days.

And the Greeks really know how to sweet talk a nation that has something they don’t IE: Money. The Greeks have been over the top in their rhetoric and public scorn aimed at Germany and its role in the bailout and the imposition of austerity measures. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been parodied and insulted in numerous ways by politician and pedestrian alike for the crime of leading a country that remains industrious and prosperous while they, the Greeks, are not and haven’t been for some time.
Greece is what you get when you have people depend on big government for their daily bread. Greece is, sadly, a country that only has history to look towards to see how proud they used to be.

All this must be seriously tiresome to the German people if they’re paying attention to this at all. How many times can Germany’s 20 something’s, two generations removed from the war, have to listen to the Nazi and Hitler references, the continued drumbeat of past atrocities and blame for something they only have read in history books and heard told by old timers? I am not without empathy for their position since I have never owned a slave or oppressed an indian but continue to hear about it like thos things were my fault. Why should the German citizenry have to put up with this crap especially from jealous grasping spendthrifts like the Greeks?
It is asking a lot of the German taxpayer to fund yet another bailout of people who don’t care an nth about them and won’t change their ways? Hmmm, that sounds really familiar…

If it were up to me, I’d forget about giving Greece any more money. They have no intention of paying what they've already received back anyway so it’s like throwing money into the street. Let the industrious nations of the world not drown themselves attempting to rescue people who don’t know enough to come in from the rain. They've spent plenty of money already.

In other words, tell Greece to blow. Let them solve their own problems!

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