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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Obama Campaigns While His Policies Turn To Shit

Mr. Obama is back on the campaign trail. As if he ever left. He’s out giving speeches on topics from Gun Control to Gay Marriage to mapping the human brain but answers no questions about ANYTHING. This may be because his national media support team doesn’t ask them or that NOBODY is allowed to ask questions.

But there he is, flying all over the country still.

But it’s all just more distraction, more redirection and more subterfuge for the Obama regime because the last thing President Obama wants to talk about is his policies because NOT ONE of his policies that he and his Leftist ilk has pushed through Congress to become law.
These are the LAST things that the president wants to talk about.

“Look! Over there! It’s North Korea! Aaaah! Look out! They mean it this time, they’re going to do something baaaad! Hey but wait, all these kids got shot in Newtown, Connecticut. We gotta doooo something right now! It’s baaaad! This is a national CRISIS! This is IMPORTANT!”
But the real crisis is that the much trumpeted “Recovery” is not a recovery at all but a failing attempt by big government at slowing the economic death spiral that it's tax & spend policies has put the U.S. economy in. It continues to spend money the nation has yet to earn while getting nothing in return.

The quick rundown of just some of Mr. Obama’s campaign themes:
The Stimulus has been an expensive failure. Just on its surface it could never gain ground on debt because it increases debt. How can you produce ANYTHING when you’re expanding debt? It makes no sense.

Green Energy has also been a colossal and expensive failure. Green Power is pricey power. Look at the Cape Wind project that was going to be built off the coast of Massachusetts. It was all a rosy picture until we found out what it was going to cost the public when/if it went on line. Boom, gone! No more Cape Wind. The Obama government has been losing millions in taxpayer funds in it's gamble of picking economic winners and losers in energy production.
If there is a single major reason that the economy is not recovering but in fact going backwards, it's ObamaCare.  Any gains that may have been made would be offset, or rather, overwhelmed by the incremental increases brought about by the Lefts National Health Care initiative. What business is going to hire workers when they don't know how much they're going to cost from year to year? ObamaCare makes people more expensive to hire and keep every year when they should be finding ways to make them less expensive so they can be hired and so that business can be compeditive on the global marketplace. The source of this great expense has not been wages but government intervention in the healthcare industry. There isn’t enough money in the world to make Socialized Medicine work.  Just by the nature of it, ObamaCare could never work. Unfortunately it will cause a lot of pain on its way down the “Failed Socialist Ideology” toilet of history.

Gun Control can never work. Sure kids got shot but kids get shot every day in our inner cities and nothing, you hear nothing. This is because those deaths are a result of government mandated prohibition that keeps drugs illegal and therefore firmly in the hands of an increasingly violent underground economy and murderous terrorists. Who wants to talk about that? Certainly not the president.

Obama’s support of Teachers Unions has been a dismal failure since most of his Stimulus package went to them instead of his much touted Shovel Ready jobs. Remember those? Mr. Obama apparently does not.

The list can go on. There's the Public Union Pension Liabilites that are crushing state budgets across the nation and the Federally mandated funding of Medicaid and Medicare which were mistakes right from the beginning.
And so far it’s all held up by printed or borrowed pieces of worthless paper.

But the message we get from Mr. Obama? “We can do better!” What does that even mean?
President Obama may be able to defy Congress. He may be able to defy the Supreme Court.  He may be able to defy the U.S. Constitution and the will of the American People. But the one law the President won’t be able to defy is the Law of Gravity. Because of his either purposeful or misguided direction, these debts our government is piling up will fall due and when that happens, all the money will turn to shit just like Cyprus.

Everything the Obama Regime has put through has caused hardship, shortages and pain for the general public of the United States. There is more poverty, more people out of work, more people on food stamps and more people in the streets than at any time in the Baby Boomer era. We as a nation are in the most debt ever run up by government.

And nothing is going to be done to address it because government is out of bricks to kick under their various pyramid schemes that they've used to buy votes since the 1950s. There are no more fixes and no more money to throw at them. We as a nation are insolvent.

So when you hear the sound-bites circulated on radio and TV, just keep in mind that that is all you’re ever going to hear. There will be no questions, no answers and certainly no candor or truth.
But the truth is, this nation is in a heap of trouble.

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