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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Secret Service's Secret Services.

Is this what the long suffering American taxpayer, the ones of us who still pay taxes that is, deserves? Is this what our government's vaunted minions do with our money, under aged hookers? Well, not in Columbia anyway since hooking is legal but really, UNDER AGED HOOKERS?

Twenty call girls at last count, too. This is surely setting a shining example of American professionalism at the government level that I’m sure will stand as a model for other country’s intelligence services to emulate. This is how we do it in the States, right boys? Across the Atlantic the Israelis are scratching their heads. 

At least the breakdown of government services, the pouring of ever increasing amounts of money into every institution and getting less and less from them, is also showing in the higher levels. These people have bitchen, high paying government jobs that they apparently don’t take seriously. Don't they understand the struggles people are going through in this country while they're out having their "foreign relations?"

They have one job. Not multiple tasks like people who actually work for a living have, like take orders, process orders, follow through on the orders, catalog the orders, file the orders, call to check on the orders, run the credit checks for the orders and confirm delivery of the orders etc.

These people just have the job of protecting US diplomats. And the top US diplomat is the President of the United States when he’s on the road and I don’t want to see a sitting US president get popped in some foreign land because America’s "best and brightest" are too hung over from a night of debauchery to protect the president. Did they join to give service to the country or for the drugs, booze and broads? And can you imagine if this happened under Ronald Reagan?  It’s just shoddy, out of control behavior. 

These people are all the same whether they're the CIA, TSA, DHS, BATF or the Secret Service: They live a life well above the level of a majority of the people who pay their salaries as well as living a life above the law. In other words, they can get away with murder and we all know it.

While they may be good at investigating militia groups in Montana, crushing men, women and children in Texas and setting up church members in Idaho, it turns out that all the government's men are just plain lucky when it comes to protecting the president of the United States.

The Russians, Chinese and the Arab extremists are all collectively slapping their heads today when they read the news and realized that they could have been “pumping” information out of these yoyos for years! And who says they haven’t been? The president’s itinerary was found in some of the rooms that these guys had the hookers in. And we all know how well we can trust hookers, right? Hearts of gold they have, didn’t you ever see Pretty Woman?

Fry ‘em all. Every single one should lose not only their jobs but their pensions, which I’m sure, are pretty impressive given that it’s government that’s paying the big money for talent these days. They’re the biggest employer in DC. Throw ‘em all out.

That will give them time to think with the brains instead of their weenies. 

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