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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Obama Threatens Supreme Court over Socialized Medicine Plan

President Obama has taken a second shot at the nation’s highest court over his orchestrated government takeover of U.S. health care providers.

Back in 2010 during his State of the Union speech, president Obama openly chastised the attending Supreme Court justices over their decision to strike down impingements on the right to free speech by overturning the horrendously unconstitutional McCain/Feingold bill. In what was politely criticized as a “breach of presidential decorum” was an overt attempt at intimidation. Obama openly castigated Justice Alito to thundering applause from the Socialist elite of the Democratic Party standing all around them.

This time Mr. Obama is trying to press a case of “Judicial Activism” for his health care plan named, in true Orwellian fashion, the “Affordable Care Act” which is currently on the Supreme Court chopping block.

This latest accusation is perhaps president Obama’s most absurd statement yet although at this stage of his presidency it's hard to tell. To brand the Supreme Court an “unelected group” when he himself, along with G.W. Bush, has perpetuated and expanded the so called government “Csar” overseers who now rule without legal precedent over all aspects of American Government. 

People like Health Czar Nancy Ann DeParle. Who elected HER? Or who elected Obama’s Medicaid Czar Dr. Donald Berwick or the director of national AIDS policy, AIDS Czar Jeffrey Crowley? And how do you suppose national border Czar Alan Bersin or Climate Czar Todd Stern managed to gain office? Add to this group: Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske, Science Czar John Holdren, Technology Czar Aneesh Chopra and Economic Czar Paul Volcker.  

Who are these people? All together there are 33 government Czars who draw handsome salaries of $158,000 a year and up. 

They aren’t part of the President’s Cabinet; they’re an extra set of invented lawmakers who can pass "mandates" and make policy decisions whenever they choose and Congress doesn’t get to vote on them either. What’s up with that?

They have no legal authority to do what they do and have no constitutional right to exist but there they are just the same. 

So when Mr. Obama sniffs that the Supreme Judicial Court, an actual branch of government outlined specifically in that pesky old U.S. Constitution, is an unelected group, he’s talking out his ass. I'm surprised his head didn't explode when he said it. Some nerve that guy has. 

It remains to be seen if the Supreme Court will strike down ObamaCare but if it does it is neither unprecedented or a case of judicial overreach. It’s their job to do so as they have done before. It is a job that has been clearly defined in the highest law of the land from the very beginning of this nation.

And lest I forget, the president of the United States took an oath to defend the laws the Constitution have established “So help me God”.

I think the president must’ve forgotten that part. 

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