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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ann Romney for President!

Is there anyone more politically astute than lukewarm presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney?

When that nitwit Hilary Rosen was put up by the Obama administration to fire the first shot at her in a staged CNN “interview” about her "not working a day in her life" despite having raised 5 children, Ann Romney brilliantly countered by putting out more political talking points and character development in one response than husband Mitt has managed in four years of non-stop campaigning.

She talked about real women’s issues like jobs and that they worry most about how the looming national debt will impact their children’s futures. She reminded the public that Mitt has placed women in major roles in his administrations and organizations and that he relies upon women for their opinions.

She also brought up her battles with cancer and multiple sclerosis which I had never heard of before. Move over Sarah Palin, Ann Romney’s in town.

But most importantly, she has been able to humanize her husband in a way he hasn't managed to do for himself. Jeez, Mitt's a good guy. How do I know? Ann says so!

It was great and it was a powerful counter-punch to the president’s people who have no idea what the American people really care about and after which the entire Obama administration was trying to distance themselves from Rosen’s comments.

Yes the Romney’s are wealthy people but as far as I know, it wasn’t handed to them like the Kennedys or acquired through government work. But wealthy people still get sick, they can still raise delinquent kids, they have school committee, boosters, boy scouts, soccer and art exhibits to attend to. They can still get hooked on booze or prescription drugs and they also have bills to pay. They pretty much have the same problems with the exception, of course, that money isn’t one of them.

Prior to this incident I had read that the Obama administration and their Leftist minions were worried about Ann Romney because she had a reputation as a strong woman who was a hard worker and a rock behind the man and this incident seems to have been a test of her mettle, a shot across the bow so to speak to see how she would react. And by all indications they have every reason to be afraid because she is without a doubt a better person than anyone in the present administration and I hope they rue the day they, by their own tactics, brought Ann Romney out front and center for the American people to get to know. This blonde Jackie O could just be the mark of grace and resilience this nation could use in the coming times of trouble.  

So if it’s not over before the Republican Convention, I’d say somebody should throw Ann Romney’s hat into the ring. She’d be better than Obama in the Whitehouse.

Ann Romney 2012! 

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