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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Obama Shuck’s & Jives on TV for Young Voters

If things could not get any stranger in this nation, the President of the United States sets up a campaign visit to a network television show to attempt to court the “youth vote”. Mr. Hollywood needs to put on a good show for the rubs since he has nothing else to actually give them for his 3 and ½ years in office.

Mr. Obama is doing what he does best, taking his one-man good guy traveling socialist tent show on the road. He’ll sing like Al Green, he’ll dance like Bo Jangles and he’ll tell ‘em all what they want to hear. He’ll be the glad handing, upbeat and cheerful guy everybody would like to have a beer with. Well, almost everybody.

The real irony in the president’s attempt to revitalize the youth vote is that these are the very people he and his policies are trampling the most and relegating them all to a future of wage slavery. Really, because of this man and his anti-private enterprise, big government supporting, never stop spending and never stop taxing approach to government is exactly why the younger generation, the recent college graduates and those 20-somethings out there in the workforce today, will have no future.

The reason Barack Obama is speaking at so many colleges these days is that the adults have had it with his “Just like you” act and the only people who still give him the time of day are the student activist groups and campus radicals that flourish under the government subsidized university system. This is the very system that has put these students under the Cuban heel of debilitating student loan debt. There is no need to cut costs at the University level since the government run student loan program will lend you any amount of money you need to cover the charge. That’s taxpayer money I might add, taken out of the economy for the funding of student loans.

But without a good job, you won’t be able to pay it back. This is why student loan debt is approaching $1 Trillion, another bubble just waiting to burst.

Have you heard the spots on the radio? Pick one, they’re all the same: Obama speaking in front of a student assembly and he’ll say something and everybody starts screaming and his voice will rise above the din to reach his trademark crescendo to finish his point every single time.

All just Wind and Sails.

Obama targets the youth vote specifically because these kids have no life experience beyond the 18 to 25 years or so they've been on the planet. They don't remember what it was like under Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush I or Bill Clinton. They are all just pictures in a book to them and the economic successes and failures of these men have no meaning to them because they never lived through them. It is this lack of historical perspective Obama thrives upon. His style over substance rhetoric, pie in the sky platitudes and "with it" speaking style provide the dazzle of spectacle and appeals to their good hearts and good intentions.

But if they could think about it for even a minute they would put two and two together. They can’t get a job in their major, they can’t pay their student loans, they won’t be able to buy anything on credit as long as their loans are outstanding like a car or a condo. Nobody is coming to save them from the situation they are on the hook for. There are only so many resources and in time everyone realizes that at some point we all have to take responsibility for our actions and results will vary in the outcome of our lives and despite the promises, this is the ultimate reality we face as adults.

This is a man who has spent and spent again money this nation has yet to earn to the tune of $5 Trillion. Oh yes, there was debt before but nothing like this, ever.

There is no return on this money that has mainly gone to prop up public unions across the States, Wall Street banks and at General Motors Corp at the expense of taxpayers and shareholders alike, it’s just plain GONE.

We have lost 5 million jobs since 2007. We have had to devote more resources to people who aren't working in the form of Unemployment Compensation, Food Stamps and Housing Subsidies. Despite the “everything’s fine” approach to the economy, things aren’t turning around at all. Mass layoffs by every sector of the economy continues and companies are very concerned about the future costs of Obama’s National Healthcare Reform Act. Every initiative of the healthcare plan puts financial pressures on employers. Who will hire with this much uncertainty?

A study for The Associated Press has found that 50% of 2012 graduates are unemployed or under employed. Even if that’s partially true, the students screaming for Obama in the nations universities are going to have a very hard time of it come graduation.

So if it’s the nation’s student population who are still going for Obama’s Elmer Gantry revival act, what kind of education have they really gotten in college?

Certainly not the education that they’ve got waiting for them.

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