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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Slavery as a Crutch

In 1863 Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves but they’ve never let us forget it since. Sure, President Lincoln freed them bodily but it’s become apparent that he couldn’t free them mentally and the self-proclaimed “representatives” of modern black culture have used that as a hammer to beat the current population of European descendants and their own people over the head forever after.

I can never get away from hearing that somebody else, everybody else really, is keeping them down. I’d list them all but that would be tiresome. It’s always about a want. Some want reparations, some want preferential treatment in the workplace and others just demand money up front. You know the cast of characters involved. We all do. To name them is also tiresome.

In fact I’m really just plain tired of the “woe is me” story I’ve been hearing since I was a child. I’m tired of hearing it’s my fault and I’m certainly tired of paying for something of which I never participated in the first place. I've never oppressed anybody and I’ve never owned a slave.

But my ancestors were slaves. Slaves to the Romans and since African slavery in this country started hundreds of years ago and the slavery of my people happened a thousand years ago, that is no less the same. A slave is a slave. I think I should petition Italy for reparations! I don’t think they’ve got the cash right now but perhaps I deserve some compensation for, you know, being a descendant of people who were treated poorly…way back when, sometime, you know?

In fact, my people had their butts kicked by just about everybody who was anybody at the time: The Vikings, oh those guys were bastards but not as big a group of bastards than the English! Those guys were the worst, shipping food grown in our country back to their country while we all starved and resorted to eating grass and dying by the side of the road with our mouths stained green. Well, not ME particularly but somebody I must have been related to no doubt somewhere along the line. That’s got to be worth something, right?

Damn-it! I think England should pay! We should have our representatives give “lectures” at English Universities and hold media rallies and carp loudly about how mistreated we all were back then. There are 25 million of my people on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean too.

Where’s my check?

Yes, it’s absurd and it’s not doing anybody any favors. It has become an excuse for why you're not doing well in American life. What these Race Pimps are really saying is: “You’re not good enough to compete on a level playing field.” and “You can’t make it without help”, that's all. Then you come to the point somewhere along the line that you deserve it and the next thing you know you're out in the street demanding it because you think someone is going to take it away from you but you won’t stop until someone gives it to you and for it you will stop at nothing. You will riot for it, you will burn for it and say any absurd thing under the pretense that if you still are failing then it has to be somebody else's fault. Why? Because you deserve to get it, because you were slaves...well, not you in particular but someone in your family may have been way back when, maybe. And so you have to have a "Boogie Man", a group that you must target for your continued failure. You need "Oppressors". And here we are, "Whitey is always keeping you down.".

It's like no other group of people had to ever overcome a minority situation before. Every new group of people who have come to this continent has had to deal with adversity at the hands of the majority. The Irish had to deal with the "Irish Need Not Apply" issues, the 6 days a week, 10 hours a day grindingly physical work at the mills as fodder for the nation's Industrial Revolution, the degrading aspect of being a licensed veterinarian in Ireland but only being able to get work as  a stable hand here. This is what it was like then, the history our schools no longer teach. And after all that we got to turn around and stick it to the Italians when they came!

But ultimately the, favoring, the concessions and the sense of inferiority it leads to opens the door to that other form of slavery: Dependency. But this time it’s dependence on the government who loves you and wants to keep you safe and well fed with a government roof over your head. And you can have it...just as long as you behave the way they want you to and do the things they need for you to do.

And what you have then isn’t freedom. It's quite the opposite.

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