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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big Lie Alive and Well in Syria

Oh there may have actually been a gas attack but who actually pulled the trigger?

In the past I have seen the Middle East Muslims pull some extreme moves in their attempts to “win” the propaganda war, even killing their own people in efforts to raise the body count in past confrontations with Israel so I believe NOTHING I see in these images and footage coming out of Syria by “The Opposition”.

Many in the United States still have what I call a Suspension of Belief when it comes to understanding that these people will stoop to just about anything to show a picture to the world and convince people that something is so when it is not.
And I believe this, again, is one of those times. After all, this is their second attempt.

I’m not even sure that all these people shown in these pictures are even dead. This is the extent that the Middle East “Boy Cries Wolf” faction has overused and over extended their Propaganda efforts, aimed squarely at the West, to the point where I don’t even believe people were killed. The so called Rebels are controlling the message and I just can’t believe it because of the source. How many times can we be lied to until the images and words have no meaning?
But the governments of France, Britain and the United States WANT to believe them and that’s all we need to know. France appears to really be itching to get in there for some reason. But the U.S. and Britain also are all too willing to take Hitler’s most famous use of the Big Lie as an excuse for the same purpose: Military Intervention, this time in Syria.

I mean, Bashir Assad’s forces appear to be winning every major confrontation they are involved in right now. They have planes, men and plenty of conventional weapons. Would they decide to use chemical weapons that would surely invite outside intervention and change the course of the conflict to their dissadvantage. It doesn't make sense.
This is the point. Assad’s enemies know they have lost their advantage and aren’t going to prevail unless something changes. They NEED intervention from the Western world to win. And if that happens and they do prevail, THEN they will fight to throw the “Foreign Satan” out too. That’s how it works.

There is also the added PROBLEM of Egypt’s renewed civil warfare. This is HOGGING the headlines once held by the Syrian “Freedom Fighters”. There’s only so much room on the front page and once you’re off it, it’s tough to get back on and keep the money coming.
No, I don’t believe the Assad regime has anything to gain from using gas. I think The Opposition has everything to gain from the world THINKING Assad’s regime has used gas and at this point I wouldn’t put it past them to actually gas a few of their own people into martyrdom to give the story some legs. The rest of the people are live stand-ins for the photo-ops.

We will also find the numbers of the so called dead are greatly exaggerated. The “sources” for these stories have already stated that most of the “dead” were buried quickly in mass graves so confirmation of this alleged event will be hard to confirm. We see pictures of “bodies” wrapped in white but the faces are exposed which differs from the usual pictures of Muslim dead which usually has the faces covered.   
I have seen too much of Propaganda the Middle Eastern way to buy this story. I have seen the extent of which these people are willing to go to make a story seem real, the same destruction from multiple angles, people playing injured who weren’t, shooting missiles from school yards to beg retaliation and, as I've already mentioned, shooting some of their own people in firefights . And how is it that any Israeli missile can only hit civilians? Those guys can't seem to hit a Muslim soldier no way, no how! I don't know how they stay in business.

So we will definitely see another attempt, better than the previous failed attempt by France and the U.S., to confirm that the Assad group had used gas.
Only this time I’m sure they’ll spin it better.


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