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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Gets Their Asses Shot Off

Nobody believes that these were peaceful demonstrators. Many AK47s and other ordinance were recovered from the pro Morsi camps. There were also 43 Egyptian police killed in the most recent conflict to rock Egypt since the U.S. "inspired" Arab Spring. They didn’t all have heart attacks. When people shoot at you from a crowd, you're not going to just stand there and get shot. It's human nature. You can only have an armed conflict when both sides are armed and what is going on in Egypt is an armed conflict. Some U.S. media are trying to make this look like Wounded Knee.  

The Muslim Brotherhood has seen their last glimpse of power in Egypt. Although there are many, they aren’t the majority. It’s true that the Brotherhood are better organized and stand together as a group in comparison to their divided opposition, this quality also makes them better targets. They don’t have the military resources of the Egyptian military but if they did, they would take over in a heartbeat. Mohammed Morsi himself showed his hand during his naked power grab earlier in the year. His group, like the resolute revolutionaries of old, will do whatever it takes to be the power in Egypt. Like the Bolsheviks, the Nazis and today’s Radical Leftists, the ends justify the means.

This has been plain to see by anybody with even rudimentary observation skills. This is why the Egyptian military has begun shooting the Muslim Brotherhood down in the streets. When they regroup and come back, they will shoot them down some more. War ain’t pretty. And fighting in the streets without the hope of winning is truly a waste.

And what are these people really dying for? For a man? For a man who has promised them something? What can a man promise you that you would die in the streets for him? For power? And just what is power really? The chance to take resources from the regular working folks first? A chance to tell people who aren’ t in power what to do and what to pay tribute? How does having this power actually do if the land you hold power over is dirt poor and roiling in conflict? Apparently being known as ruling over a Golden Age is a lot harder than just being known as a Grand Prick.
What did the Muslim Brotherhood hope to accomplish once they succeeded in taking power? Like their totalitarian predecessors, they are not administrators or statesmen, they are Revolutionaries and once the revolution is over what then? They will have to lead and lead they will with their overbearing Sharia Law and Islamic Caliphate. And that's what everybody had to look forward to.

This is why the Egyptian military is not alone. There were regular working folks helping them out and actually attacking Morsi supporters with clubs.

Morsi's supporters have a better chance of seeing God than his behind back in the presidents chair and if they keep coming back out into the open there will be less and less of them. To see the youth of Egypt dying for such a ridiculous "cause" is saddening. There are many young among the dead. It is the people leading them onto the slaughter that should be dealt with.

Here in the U.S. we have our own problems and although we look upon the carnage overseas with mixed emotions, we cannot let it distract us from the all too real erosion of our rights here at home, the suspension of the Constitution, the unchecked immigration, loss of national productivity and the runaway bureaucratic government juggernaut we face as the enemy of our freedom.

While one group struggles for power in a divided country, the another struggles for freedom in a divided country.

It is up to the individual to choose which cause is just.

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