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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Obama Stands Alone at the Missile Silo

Ok, Britain couldn’t make it. It seems THEY need to vote on things like this. Too bad the United States can’t be like that. Ah, the checks and balances of a Democratic nation, remember when?
France, the initial force leading the charge for intervention, was right there behind us until it became politically unpopular to do so.  Although they are still rattling their sword, entering Syria's war on the side of al Qaeda by themselves isn't the best strategy and subsequently they probably won't be making the party either.

That leaves President Obama to “go it alone” and be the world’s policeman by himself…again. But this time he is almost quite literally by himself with a recent poll siting only 9% of the American public is behind the President in his latest attempt at interfering in the affairs of yet another sovereign nation. This time Syria.
A war weary nation has had just about enough of the blatant lies and deceit, the death and the vast secret expenditures, the embarrassments and needless suffering the influence the United States has caused not just in the Middle East but around the world. It just never ends.

"What do you mean you don't want to invade? Are you some sort of ISOLATIONIST?!"

We have truly become the world’s bully, not its savior.  Our fingers are in every pie regardless of want and regardless of need. We don’t NEED to be in Afghanistan any longer, nor Iraq, nor South America, nor Japan, nor Germany, nor Southeast Asia. We aren’t helping ANYONE anymore, least of all ourselves.
Our "Enemies" are the ones of our own making and we never stop warning about THEM. We have grown them and cultivated them like farmers at a stocking pond. We have fed, nurtured and ARMED almost ALL of these despots we now march against. It's almost like we have to build these nations up so we'll have somebody to knock down.
In case you've missed it, we have BIG PROBLEMS here at home that need to be addressed with focus, passion and logic. This will not happen. While President Obama seems to have NO PROBLEM sending troops or bombing faraway countries and killing people from invisible airships, he seems to have MAJOR ISSUES deciding on whether to help small businesses survive in an ever increasing regulatory environment made worse by the added costs of government mandates and taxes. Oh, and FYI, we're BROKE!

The United States ain’t ALL THAT anymore.
We are not the land of the free and the home of the brave. We have become the land of the wage slave and home of the tax minion. We have no say in the foreign entanglements our government decides to enter, we only have the privilege of paying for it. Yet our schools are failing, our youngest generation lies untapped and unproductive, our production decreases and our costs and taxes rise. This is not the American Dream any longer. It has been hijacked by a government more involved in expansion and control than providing justice and security for its people and a level playing field for its businesses.

And here we are, standing at the brink of yet another conflict driven not by reason but by  the desire to conquer or the need to distract.
But this time the American public, like people around the world can clearly see through the deception. It is an obvious lie since we have seen it so many times before over the last five decades. Even the less experienced among us can clearly see the real sacrifice here is the TRUTH.

President Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winning President, stands alone at the helm ready to push the button and order the military that has, since the very beginning of this nation, sworn loyalty and subjugation to the Presidency of the United States and stands ready to do his bidding.
Can anybody stop this man?

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