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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Obama a Luddite on Keystone Pipeline

It’s only progress when Obama’s contributors can profit. If it’s profit for anybody else, well, we must all reflect and study the issue…for six years and going.
When the government was passing out, and losing in the process, Billions of U.S. Taxpayer dollars in “loans” to manufacturers of solar panels and other so called Green Technology, all with a dubious rate of return in the marketplace to begin with, well this was “moving forward” in America.
But when there is a project with an actual demand in the marketplace and a verifiable rate of return on the investment such as the Keystone pipeline, well that's a horse of a differerent color to our Leftist president.
President Obama’s arguments against the pipeline were always spurious but today appear downright laughable. That the pipeline would benefit Canada and overseas markets, but not the U.S.A.  As if we would only be doing Canada a favor by building this without any net gain to the builders. I believe their would be a slight charge for the use of the pipeline, Mr. President. 
Then there are jobs. Not just the jobs to build the pipeline but the jobs to maintain it. There will be added refinery jobs since the oil will need to be refined where it comes out of the pipe. That means Texas, U.S.A.  The estimated cost of the Keystone pipeline at $ 7 Billion, to put things into perspective, would be half the total cost of Boston’s Big Dig Central Artery project that squandered $ 14 Billion federal tax dollars by putting, basically, the highway cutting the city in half, underground. They didn’t even widen the road or put in a commuter rail and the land freed up for development has remained underdeveloped and has not returned dime one back to the Federal Government.
I heard a knee slapper of an stupid comment about the pipeline on that bastion of Democratic Socialism, Bloomberg Radio about how the country today is almost literally awash in oil so why do we need a pipeline now? Even to a feverish follower of all things Left, this has to sound very short sighted. Six years ago was the time to build this pipeline, not six years from now and need anybody need reminding that back in 1972 the nation had plenty of oil coming into the country…right up until the Saudis pulled the plug.
This leads me to an argument for the pipeline I haven’t heard yet. That the oil will be flowing in these United States. What a novel idea! You mean, we get to handle the oil in this country? Why didn’t anybody think of that before? Of course, in an age long since passed in this country, we did. We called the idea "Energy Independence". Now where have I heard that term lately?
Having control of the means of power production is something every nation would desire. It’s a matter of long-term security and national survival. Who wouldn’t want this?
Obama doesn’t.
There’s nothing for the president or his cronies in having a pipeline actually produce jobs and opportunity in any region of the country that Mr. Obama and the Central Planners hadn’t put forth themselves. It wasn't his idea and I'm sure it doesn't sit well with one group of Mr. Obama's staunchest allies, the Leftist Greens.
As we have seen yet again, the Central Planners do not pick what the market will bring the people but the people will demand and The Market will deliver.
Even as solar and wind have failed to provide the needed power for future development, and as the government marches against coal and condemns Fracking even as the later has put the United States on a more secure path to energy stability and the people in the U.S. are just now reaping it's rewards of lower gas prices which benefit the lowest income stata more than any other, something has to come into the picture to put the wind back into the sails of the U.S. economy and to shore up the still very much open-ended issue of powering the nation into the future.
What will it be Mr. President?

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