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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Obama Government Widens Racial Divide

Martin Luther King Jr. is spinning in his grave at 10,000 revolutions per minute.

The man who’s most sincere message was "Pride". Pride in one’s self and also "Character". The character of one’s convictions in the face of adversity. His campaign for equality was economic and effective. In America “What is good for the one is good for the many.” That’s what he said. He walked the talk too.

Nobody in this deal is quoting MLK. Not even his longtime friend Jesse Jackson who has profited greatly from his association. MLK wouldn't recognize him either. Peace is not the answer to an Anarchist, only destruction will serve their agenda.

Oh how MLK would feel if he saw everything he ever worked for and gave his life for brought to what we see today. The violence, the race-baiting instigators, the poor quality of education and lack of advancement that hangs like a miasma over this nation’s inner cities despite all the money and good intentions that is thrown at it.

The cause of civil rights has been hijacked into a bribery con with government attempting to placate instead of actually educate minority peoples in this country. They would rather they be yoked for political purpose than to actually be free to live their lives as best they can, succeeding or failing like the rest of us. Our major cities like Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, New York and Los Angeles have been turned into killing fields as a result.

Someday in the future social scientists will finally manage to prove to society what we already know today but continue to lie to ourselves about: That providing a government “Safety Net” for people is no safety net at all. Welfare turns it's recipients into trust funded Kennedy-types drinking and drugging themselves to death, screwing the baby sitter when their wives aren't around and getting away with murder.

We are reaping the fruits of the mythical Great Society. Institutionalized entitlement has lead to radical mob anarchy. And look who they chose as their symbol of social justice, Michael Brown?

Michael Brown was the wrong poster boy for police overreach in the black community. There was no grand jury that would ever indict even a civilian under the circumstances of a documented violent criminal with a long rap sheet charging either a civilian or cop. Yet we still have media race-baiters quoting the fiction that Mr. Brown had his hands up and that the cop PULLED him, a 6 ft 4 in 292 lb behemoth of a man, into the cruiser in order to justify shooting him. Why? Why perpetuate the lies?

To foment just this sort of violence. This is what our radical government wishes to happen.  

"Hands up, don't Shoot!" is based upon a lie. And it is an obvious lie. Can we trust anyone using this lie to be a champion of truth? The truth does not matter to an Anarchist.

In this whole scheme the government’s national media is yet again complicit. It is hard to control the situation when you can't control the message. They have broadcast fiction as fact and always mention, despite being big enough and violent enough to cave in a man’s scull with a single blow of his hand, that Michael Brown was “unarmed”. Unarmed maybe but not helpless and in this case, his last charge so to speak, no longer unaccountable for his actions.
Obama has also opened his micromanaging bigoted mouth and made things worse. Having sent his disgraced and somehow un-resigned head of the Orwellian named "Justice Department", William "My People" Holder into the fray, you'd think Obama wants a race war. At least that would make Charles Manson happy that he finally lived long enough to see what he was trying to make happen in the 1960s.

I don't see how American blacks will never move forward as a group until slavery is allowed to pass into history. But it's not just the professional black race manipulators pushing this scenario. There are racial guilt trips everywhere in media. From “period” television series set in the 1960s to antebellum movies. Remember the television series “Roots” from the 1980s? Well, it was all a hoax! Alex Haley never had relatives on the wrong end of the slave trade never mind writing an account of them.

Well how ‘bout dat?

But it all serves the purpose of never letting anyone ever forget that black people were once slaves in this country. We forget about the black African slave traders who actually did the capturing or the other people who were slaves, the indian population, the Chinese coolies, indentured servants and the like. No, just black people were slaves and don’t you ever forget it!  
So it's open season on Whitey these days but not just by the racial equality types but our radical race-based government. I've heard it a half-dozen times about how the Occupy Movement now Racial Equaligist want to make Whitey "Uncomfortable". That's the goal. And the only way to do that is through FEAR. But that strategy is going to backfire, again.

Change is not going to come by making "Whitey" uncomfortable. It's only going to make EVERYBODY uncomfortable. Just like how President Obama makes EVERYBODY WITH A JOB or a small business uncomfortable.

People in this country of all races who work towards something for themselves and their families, people who wish to build something and invest in a community where their kids will be safe and can get a good education and advance themselves, yes THOSE people are also made uncomfortable when they see buildings in their community burned to the ground, especially when it's a minority owned business.

And if they haven't already, these people will start to put some distance (with their spending money firmly in their pockets and their businesses in tow) between themselves and the people responsible for their fear and the places this is happening in. 
So much for integration now.

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