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Monday, November 3, 2014

Obama Business Model on Display In Venezuela

This is what awaits us under the iron fist of Big Government. They know better than you about how to spend your money and they see that you don’t get to keep too much of it. After all, there are others that need it more than you do.

Shortages, hardship and pain await the Socialist Nations of the world more so than the still productive countries of the world who are struggling to throw off the yoke of their benevolent self-destruction disguised as social justice. You can’t give what you make or do away for free. The world does not turn on the redistribution of wealth and it NEVER HAS.

If nobody minds lining up for the most necessary of sundries like laundry detergent, paper towels, sugar, rice and beans then by all means let us continue the path we are on to it’s ultimate conclusion.
Imagine the police, and we have A LOT of police in this country, telling you how much you can charge for goods in your store just before it turns into yet another empty store front and you are out in the street with everybody else vying for a piece of an ever shrinking pie.

The politicians RIGHT NOW are talking about improving education when the State run education system sucks up so much of the taxpayer resources, more than half of every town budget, and gives little to the point where taxpayers are supporting the public schools from their property taxes and then ponying up more money to send their kids to a private school. And the people who can’t do that are left with the standard, substandard, public school. This is most prevalent in the nation’s cities where the public school system is SO BAD. So how is more of THAT going to do ANYTHING?

And what good is an education, nobody seems to mention, if you don’t have a JOB to go to?
The streets of Venezuela awaits us all if we continue down this path. It may already be too late but if something happens tomorrow, if someone still cares about doing a good job and is interested in the American Ideal of Independence, Self-Sufficiency, Self-Reliance and doing the right thing, who knows?

But if we don’t get it, it’s every person for themselves anyway. There’s no reason to continue acting like the money is good and that the law is on your side. We must all turn to the golden rule of boxing:
Protect yourself at all times.

The prepared will suffer. The unprepared will starve. 

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