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Friday, September 12, 2014

Welfare States Weaken World Economies

Smoke and mirrors will only get you so far.

The European welfare state is finding that raising taxes and thereby raising the cost of doing business isn't getting them anywhere. Now there’s a shock.

By favoring big business, global governments ignore the real engine of the economy and innovation: Small business.

Microsoft didn’t start as a multinational conglomerate. Neither did IBM, NCR or Apple. They all started small as people armed only with an idea.

As I drive through my town, Obscurity, Massachusetts, and see empty strip malls and empty storefronts, I am reminded that there is no recovery here in the United States either. It’s all just borrowed money and eventually it will need to be paid back and when the person who is last in line puts their hand out and the person who is supposed to pay them has nothing to give them, this whole house of cards will come crashing down.

What we are finding out, like we needed to live through this again to know, is that a Welfare State is a weak state. People without work are people without purpose. Government can give people sustenance but they can’t give people purpose. Only a job can do that, a livelihood.

We have almost 100 million people receiving some kind of public assistance in this country and that is an obscenity to the American Dream. Does anybody else find it strange that government taxes people into dependence on the State and then gives them enough to get by? Had they left their money in their own pockets would they not be better off? But no, the money has to come from Government. You can’t just make it on your own. You NEED them and they will fulfill your needs.

It is a downward spiral of dependancy, despondency, drugs and violence.
Is it any wonder that the youth of our inner cities would trade their subsidized existence for the harsh terrain of Iraq or Afghanistan to fight for the new Islamic State? What do they have here to look forward to? They have substandard government schools, they have substandard government housing and they have substandard subsidies for food. 

What difference does it make to these lost souls of the welfare state? Would they rather die out on the streets in a drug turf war or flock to the Iraqi Caliphate where at least they die fighting for something. A Purpose. A purpose in life is something the welfare state cannot give them.

A welfare state is a weak state.

Take a look at the world’s largest welfare states in the world today. They are all in a prolonged state of stagnation. Their economies are either contracting or growing at a pace that would be considered no growth in decades past. Their bureaucracies have become unwieldy and take too much from the people who actually produce. There is no glad talking this situation or fudging the numbers since one only has to drive down the street to see the reality of the situation. We are all approaching our individual “Lost Decades”. 

When government becomes the arbiter of success, there is little success. 

Millions of aimless people languishing in the welfare states means too many idle hands.
Will Islam finally accomplish what the old Bolsheviks of the last century had hoped for? Establish an Islamic state of their own and inspire like-minded people around the world to revolt against their governments, overthrow them and have the world become united in an Islamic Caliphate?

Why not? What is any of these governments offering today’s youth? You don't have to guess, I’ll tell you the answer: NOTHING. Nothing but debt and no means to pay it off. What our young people see is a slow, purposeless existence of the welfare state.

Steps have to be taken now or this will end badly.

The taxmen of the U.S., like Europe, lays a heavy hand on the populace and sucks the life out of our economies. Because of the government "safety net" here is no incentive to work. The national systems that the first world nations impose upon their people are wasteful, full of fraud and are without transparency. They answer to no one. This increases people’s powerlessness but also leads to their disenfranchisement.

Government must stop it's wasteful practices, get out of the healthcare, education and lending businesses, cut taxes, de-regulate business and put money back into the people’s pockets and end their controls or disorder will ensue. We will all pay a high price.

The welfare state has to be ended and people must learn to fend for themselves. The slaves have learned to love their slavery but no nation can continue to give services and taxpayer money away for free to anyone with a want.

Just as a union shop cannot compete with a non-union right-to-work business, a  welfare state cannot compete with an economy based on self-reliance and personal achievement.

Money should be earned. And money earned is the property of the person who earned it. Without the work/reward system, the world stops turning.

The evidence is everywhere.

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