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Monday, September 15, 2014

Scotland Should Secede

Isn’t this what Mel Gibson was fighting for way back in 1995, a free Scotland?

Sure England is no longer the England of old where they held onto power on the island by slaughtering and starving everybody who opposed them but it would be great to see Scotland have a home of their own that they can administer the way they desire.

The right to self-determination is not given by governments; it is bestowed at birth. And yet so few of us get the chance these days to exercise this right that when we see someplace else getting it, we go all wobbly. Sorta like the Crab Pot mentality that psychiatrists are so fond of pointing to. To me it’s just another example of making the slaves love their slavery. They won’t want to give up the comfort of having no responsibility towards how their lives are run. It is easier to have everything laid out for you, isn’t it?
For all the hand-wringers, nothing would change much if Scotland should vote itself back into an independent state. All the infrastructure, the navy bases, the oil platforms and such would stay right where they are. The only difference would be that England or whoever else that would use them would now have to pay Scotland for the use of them. What’s the big deal? Oh yeah, England would have to pay rent on that big old castle in Edinburgh that the Queen uses twice a year. They’ll probably have to sign a 100 year lease or something and if they do then Scotland should run a credit check.

Of course there are going to be issues, pains and expenditures but it will all be worth it.

It is funny how the wags come out and try to put down such a wonderful idea of having Scotland go back to its people.
Since this subject came up, I can think of a few more places that should be given back to the people who were there first.

Hawaii: This is a no-brainer. The history of the United States taking Hawaii from the organized and civilized people who ran the place is indisputable The Hawaiians haven’t been the same since. We can restore the pride of their civilization by giving back their autonomy over the island. It isn't like they aren’t going to let anybody come over and spend money there. The only downside I can see to this is that we would have a devil of a time arranging 49 stars on the flag.
Tibet: China walked in and took over. There was some uneasiness about it and a few nations said something but that has all faded into the background. The Chinese ran a rail line into the region and is flooding the place with Chinese nationals and pushing out the Tibetans. The Chinese police literally kick protesting Tibetans to death in the streets and leave them there. These days only the exiled Dali Lama is making a public stink about it. All just an annoyance at this point.

Kurdistan: The Kurds should have their own country. They’ve earned it. They fought for it and they’re still fighting for it. Turkey was against it since they were afraid that their Kurdish population would want to secede to the new state but now they seem to be joining forces with them against the Islamic radical element from whom they see a greater threat. All they have to say is anybody who wants to join the new Kurdish state can LEAVE. That keeps Turkey being Turkey. This would also provide a market for Turkish goods with a stable neighbor.
It must be very exciting to be a Scot right now. There is optimism, fear, trepidation and great anticipation. It is something many in Scotland never dreamed of happening before. But the dream can be made real through their own hands if they wish it to be so. It is Democracy in action.

Wish we all could do that.

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