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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Vote Has Been Undermined

The people who support the Political Left in this country don’t seem to care that their future is becoming “less than bright” under their incumbency. All they really care about is keeping control. If that takes the corrupting of the voting process so be it!

By trying to legitimize illegal aliens so that they can become legal voters, by fighting the logical voter ID laws implemented by individual states and by allowing “Motor Voter” and “Same Day Voting Registration” and by using the power of the Internal Revenue Service to target conservative and Tea Party groups to deny them access to legal fund-raising activities, the Obama Administration seeks to consolidate power at the national level and to dictate national mandates over the Constitutionally protected sovereignty of the individual states and the citizens of the United States.

The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), also known as “motor voter,” promotes easy voter registration at motor vehicle, welfare and other state and local government offices. Voters can apply in person or by mail, and, until recently, the federal application required no proof of citizenship. So while you are getting your illegal license to drive, you can also register to vote. This was a bad idea from the very beginning inviting fraud at the registration level.

Fighting Voter ID Laws

Even when a state passes a Voter ID law that offers registered voters ID cards FOR FREE, a federal judge invariably strikes the law down on the grounds that it discriminates against minorities. Even when everything is provided for without cost, these laws cannot be allowed to stand since the status quo of the governments organized fraud must be maintained.

Buying the Vote

By expanding the welfare and food stamp rolls and essentially making it circumstances where people need the assistance happen, people will be more likely to vote for their “supper”. The Mayor of Boston always knew where his voting block lived: The Projects. This is why the incumbent Mayor would make sure that there were vans available to drive registered voters to the polls on Election Day. This is why winning the race for Mayor in Boston is a job for life.

Enter the IRS

It is now clear that the President’s administration personally ordered the targeting of Conservative and Tea Party groups applying for non-tax status to be denied and delayed the granting of their legal rights so as to keep them from making a difference in the last presidential election. The steps that were taken to implement and then later to divert attention to them were both blatant and criminal. Also IRS employees openly campaigned for the re-election of President Obama while at work and used IRS (taxpayer) resources to do so. This is also criminal behavior. But will anyone even lose their job over it?

Amnesty the Death Knell

This will essentially just legitimizing the on-going voter fraud organized by the Obama election machine anyway since it isn’t like they haven’t been voting right along aided and abetted by their local governments especially in California, an important state because of its majority of Electoral College votes. What we will ultimately get if this happens is our new “Citizens” will have all of the rights and none of the responsibilities of citizenship. They will get to vote but they won’t want to register to pay local, state or federal taxes and will most likely continue to live outside of the mainstream for this purpose since, rightly, who in their right mind would want to sign up to pay taxes? They currently have the best of both worlds. They have jobs, benefits by way of their taxpayer funded community services and pay nothing into the system. What could possibly go wrong there?

Students Vote for their Own Demise

The voting laws for students are quite interesting. Even if you are from out-of-state, you, as a student, can vote in the state you attend college. The youngest voters are usually the most liberal and driven by ideology. That in itself is not a bad thing but because they need no legal residency to vote in the state they go to school in, they are a valuable voting block for the Left in states, like New Hampshire, that usually vote Conservative.

New Hampshire also has Same Day Voting Registration which allows a person to register to vote, and then vote on the same day. This is a really controversial law since it has been reported that large numbers of voters who registered the same day could not be found later when sought to verify their residency.

Government studies say that voter fraud is minimal. Independent and opposition studies declare that voter fraud is rampant. As bad as Obama has been during his first four years, he could conceivably have been re-elected based on his rabid cult of Personality with his devout followers but it seems he still had plenty of help from the government agencies under his direct control and his political machine that sought to exploit every loop-hole and friendly law at their disposal.

But what did they win?

The dwindling resources and opportunities have left our liberal voting students with only jobs at “Pizza 2 Go!” Few recent graduates are doing the jobs they went to school for and they are still responsible for their often staggering student debt. A vote for Obama is a vote for Prosperity? Not so much. 

The cost of the Affordable Care Act has without a shadow of a doubt kept companies from hiring people. Without the expansion of enterprise, people don't move up. If people don’t move up, not only will there be no room to get into a company, these people won’t be buying a bigger house or a nicer automobile. This effects the recent college grads the most since an economy that crawls offers them few opportunities.

When times like these happen, people tend not to move. They will stay in their crumby job because a “bird in hand” is better than the prospect of not working out someplace else or not having the seniority in the event that their new job has a lay-off. They won’t make big ticket purchases out of fear and make do with what they have and many have put off retirement. This all adds up to less jobs for today’s college graduate.

The welfare people are still poor but comfortably so and will be reluctant to get off of that gravy train for fear they can’t make it in the real world and they’d probably be right so they stay. This is the life, right?

When the cities eventually have to file for bankruptcy, all union and state employee contracts become null and void. The cities and towns are currently trying to stave off such a result by ratcheting up property tax rates everywhere but eventually people will be either run out of town or revolt. Then what?

Even publicly funded groups like National Public Radio are feeling the pinch. There is less government money in their budget and less private donations coming in. Nobody escapes. 

The Political Left has won a world of SHIT because even though they clearly know what would work to bring the economy back, they would rather control a dung heap than live in a good economy under a different leadership.  

This is the nation they prefer, do you? 

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