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Monday, May 19, 2014

Christie Talks Out His Ass at Jewish Fundraiser

The heavy-set man who would be president, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was heard spouting the same old tired and meaningless platitudes to a group of reportedly "deep-pocketed" Jewish donors or as they call them in New Jersey, “Marks” about how “American Must Lead” and how the United States should have “A more aggressive foreign policy” which I take to mean “more warfare!”

To quote the governor:  “The rest of the world watches and hopes that America will take care of their competition and do their dirty work for them instead of they themselves actually taking responsibility and sitting down to negotiating an equitable solution. On this kind of bully Imperialism America must lead!”

What does any of this mean?

Mr. Christie is out advertising the fact that he and the United States military can be bought for CHEAP and he isn't even in charge. On his president aspirations, Governor Christie remains on the fence about whether he’ll actually run for president. He reportedly said: “"I'm being governor for the next nine months. To be real honest with you I don't know what I'm gonna do after that."

The standout word there is “honestly”. He “honestly” doesn't know what he’s going to do ladies and gentlemen of the Jewish donors fundraiser he was speaking at. You know, I believe him.

Christie also called for the United States to be a “Moral Leader” in the world and to promote “American Values”. And just what are these American Values these days? Perhaps he will champion the American Ideals that the Jews and Muslims sit down together and negotiate "like good Christians". That'll help. 

Short of specifics and long on buzz-words Mr. Christie's speech writers undoubtedly killed themselves to include, the governors “speech” was just a lot of hot air and undeliverable platitudes. AS IF the American people are going to go for more of the same war mongering just because a Republican MIGHT gain the Whitehouse. I don’t think so.

But where is the truth to this guy? Where is the sincerity? He can't even fake that. Spouting “Republican Values” means NOTHING these days and that Christie is courting the established Republican Party rather than the grass roots Tea Party, who will never go away as long as they are getting continuously robbed by the government, only proves that he, again, has chosen poorly.

Mr. Christie is still fishing for clues to his viability as a presidential candidate. If he "Polls” right, he’ll jump into the ring. If not, he’ll run for governor again. It is this timidity and the fear of losing his other “job” that really sinks this guy for me. He’s as wishy-washy as Mitt Romney but without the overall likability.

 So while Christie is “standing long and hard for those things that we believe in” whatever the hell that means, he will dance for the coins these Jewish donors may throw at him. Is this any way to run a presidential campaign? Is Jeb Bush really that much of a threat?

There has been talk that what would have been money in Christie’s pocket will be going to Jeb Bush but Mr. Bush, or Bush the Turd, I mean Third, will just be the candidate to stay home for on election day. 

If there is any more evidence that the American people need about the rise of the Corporate State and a victory for the National Chamber of Commerce, it would be Jeb Bush becoming President of the United States. That would surely trumpet that the fix is in and that no matter what anybody does, the big corporations run the country. They already do but at least then we would all KNOW it.

So dance, Mr. Christie, dance. 

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