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Thursday, May 8, 2014

North Korea Has the World’s Freshest Air

How could it not? The country is practically free of industry. It has the world’s fewest power plants, the fewest factories, the fewest incandescent light bulbs and the fewest automobiles. The satellite pictures don’t lie, in the evening North Korea is shrouded in darkness with the exception of the capital city, Pyongyang.

North Korea must be an environmentalist’s wet dream. It is the ultimate conclusion of the Green Agenda. Fewer people consuming few resources. There is less trash, less waste and less carbon emissions. No big carbon foot prints here, in fact they’re in the negative. In North Korea there is less of everything for everybody!

I’ll bet there are streams in North Korea that run totally untouched by human development and forests undisturbed by the lumber industry and condo and golf course developers. I’m sure much of the place has remained as it was for centuries. How beautiful those forested hills must be.

I’ll bet there are plenty of vitamins and nutrients in the soil as the North Korean peasants prepare “mud balls” to eat in a modern era version of the epic film “The Good Earth”. I bet the poor farmers get to see the soil yield sumptuous vegetables just before they are confiscated by the army and sent to the capital city. I’m sure the animals run free. I’ll bet there are Spotted Owls, Piping Plovers and normally endangered Timber Wolves just roaming around undisturbed by the machinations of dirty, filthy civilization.

Yes, North Korea is the ultimate state for nature preservation and I’m sure all the residents are proud of it and wouldn't want it any other way. 

That’s the real reason why they are so secretive and have high walls and military guards on the border, so people don’t find out how much of a green paradise it is and try to break in and ruin the party.

 We should study how they do it in North Korea, perhaps we can emulate them.

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