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Thursday, February 28, 2013

CEO of World Catholic Corporation Steps Down

The big news is that Pope Benedict XVI is the first CEO of the longest running money making business in the history of the world to step down in 600 years. Usually they just drop dead in office, much like American Congressmen.

But no, rather than talk about the U.S. Economy or the state of affairs in our flailing nation or the creeping insanity that has effected our too long in the tooth and too long in the saddle government incumbents, the government media mouthpieces would rather concentrate on this. THIS is important news!

We will now be treated to moment-to-moment coverage of the gathering of Bishops who will come together to choose the new CEO. People who wanted to be journalist but who could only manage to get one of these government television news jobs will be standing outside the Vatican waiting to breathlessly tell us if they see a puff of smoke. How solemn, how sacred, how boring! But it beats telling people the truth about the way things are going with the country and our Megalomaniac of a President. “Hey, look over here! It’s the Pope!”

Does anybody still even believe that the Catholic Church has anything to do with God?
As the Catholic Organization has operated in the U.S. the last 60 years or so, it has been the beneficiary of the American government and the American people bending over backward to help them make money, dictate their hypocritical views of morality and, of course, to make a boat-load of money. Because that’s really what it’s all about with a business, isn’t it? Don’t think for moment this group is a non-profit.

The Catholic Organization enjoys tax free status in this country yet when a particular church stops making money, they close it. And their YMCA network can compete against private health organizations with the significant advantage of being a tax free enterprise. The Church's holdings in this country are vast, valuable and tax exempt. Why? Because they're religious, kinda sorta?

Their influence has been waning for decades and they only have themselves to blame. It’s amazing that under the last two changes in leadership that the major players in the church molestation scandals have gone unpunished. One glaring example is Cardinal Bernard Law who was allowed to leave the country and has been in hiding in Vatican City ever since. Collusion between the Church and the State had to be made for this to happen. It’s sick.

The staunchest atheists I’ve ever met were brought up going to Catholic schools. I find this fascinating. After their “education”, and one hears stories, most want nothing to do with the Church and don’t want their kids going anywhere near one although the only good thing the Catholic Schools have going for them these days is that more public school teachers have been arrested on charges of molestation than priests.

The Catholic Organization is an affront to the belief in God and has proven itself an embarrassment to religion. The Pope is an irrelevant anachronism and as the new Pope will soon come out to announce the organization’s NEW all-inclusive direction, all I can say is:

Who gives a shit?

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