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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hugo Chavez Died Like A Dog

Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez contracted an infection in one of those pitiable Cuban hospitals that spread to his lungs and he died rasping and begging for his foul life in a third world banana republic.
There was no glory in his death at the hands of nature, fate and perhaps ultimately the Cuban hospital system.

So then why on God's Green Earth is our nation’s news media only repeating the glorified account of his death as told by some murderous Chavez henchman like it was a page out of the Gospel? Beats the hell outta me!
There is no doubt, however, that Chavez was anxious to get back to Venezuela and the business of totally destroying the economy and extending his misery over the people who were not yet living in the slums. He needed EVERYBODY to live in the slums. He may still get his wish.

Hugo Chavez would not have loosened his madman’s grip on the nation until everyone was drinking out of mud puddles a la the African nation of Zimbabwe when kindred spirit Robert Mugabe used his uneducated mindless hordes to force the white Afrikaner farmers out of the country and confiscate their land.  Zimbabwe has never recovered while the nations bordering the country flourish.

After 14 years of Chavez’ rule, the slum dwellers remain in their slums. How they must rejoice. But others have joined them! The middle classes have fallen into the ranks of the poor and the nation’s money is not worth wiping your behind with. This is Chavez’s legacy to his nation and the world.

This is a man to be lionized and remembered? What I remember is that during political rallies by his opponents, armed men would ride up on motorcycles and fire bullets indiscriminately into the crowd of men, women and children and then ride away unobstructed by the police.  And why not, the shooters were the police.
But to people like Chavez, it’s not about bringing up the status of the poor but to tear down the well-to-do, the wealthy, the Haves. It is the pleasure of the rabble to bring down the hard working achievers even if it benefits them not. Because to Chavez and the people like him, these people didn’t deserve it, they somehow cheated and built their success by taking away from someone else. The benefit for people like this is to see someone else suffer. This is a sickness that plagues mankind and Hugo Chavez, like so many others in history, played on it. In other words: Chavez was filth and his filthy minions remain so, not one step closer in legitimacy, high stature or enlightenment.

Hugo Chavez died like a dog, begging to be saved by the witless doctors of a backwards, cloistered nation hopelessly stuck in the late 1950s in thought and ideology. There is nothing to see here. There is nothing to memorialize and nothing redeeming to look towards.  Chavez and his ilk are the embodiment of archaic thinking and singular want. He was just another misguided Marxist Megalomaniac terrorizing a nation of people who only wanted a good life for themselves and their children and an opportunity to make something of themselves.

Yet Chavez’s minions vow to “Continue the Revolution”. What Revolution? They already ruled the country for 14 years and, much like Mugabe’s idiot ill-fated army of autobots, they haven't a clue what to do with it. They can’t farm, they can’t produce and they can’t govern. They don’t know how, they're too stupid. The nation has been failing ever since he took over and is on the verge of total collapse. They will rule a nation in taters. There has been no "Golden Age" of Hugo Chavez, only deprivation, shortages and hardship.

To praise Chavez is to praise the Devil. To tell it any other way is a lie.


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