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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crying Over the Sequester

Who on earth thinks the military is underfunded? After 12 years of expansion, war technology breakthroughs and 700 bases all over the world, what is $22 Billion to this massive juggernaut of spending, waste and murder?
Only a warmonger, Sean Hannity or that hypocritical government tool, Fox News,  would think the United States will suddenly be left undefended if these cuts, and they’re not really cuts, they’re merely a reduction in budget increases, should actually happen?

But from the sound of the wailing from government, who will never willingly take a step back from spending taxpayer money on their voting groups, you’d think they were your local school committee threatening to cut the football team from the budget next year unless you vote for a tax override.
Let them take their ball and go home. If the government won’t cut this, then what will they ever cut? If both "sides" are unwilling even to cut what amounts to 1% of all government spending, then how will the nations budget ever get balanced? All this wringing of hands over what amounts to a drop in a bucket only proves that government is willing to cut anything from their bloated federal trough of corruption, waste and influence buying and sweetheart deals.

If the U.S. military is so strapped for cash, then why don’t they close even a few of those hundreds of military bases they’ve got all over the world in places that we neither need to defend or shouldn’t be in anymore at all like Greece, Italy, Japan, Germany or the UAE ? Let some of these places start to take an interest in their own defense these days.  Why are we still in Germany and Japan? It no longer makes any sense from a defense standpoint or now a fiscal one. Close some bases if you want to save some money. But no, they can’t. The bottom is going to have to fall out of the economy for any government agency to take a step back from spending OUR money. The only answer government has is to raise taxes...again! It’s not sane.
As long as government continues to kick another brick under the grand Pyramid Scheme called Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, we are never going to get out from under this spending parade.  Simply raising the retirement age isn’t going to do it and taking more and more money out of our pockets is only going to mean less and less the government will take in to pay for their epic Babylonian excess.

If we don’t cut now, when? If not this, what? I’m not crying about cutting the military because they’re usually the Republicans voting group. The Republican Party has capitulated to the political left years ago so there is no longer a fundamental difference between a Republican and a Democrat. They are both wasters of the public trust and they lie together  in the house of ill repute that is Congress and the Presidency.
The only party that really wants to do something about Washington’s largess is the Tea Party. They’re the ones working and they’re the ones paying.  And they’re the ones who want the Sequester and so do I. I hope it’s allowed to happen but I don’t think it will. The Demilcans and the Republocrats will do a last minute punt and we’ll all just wait another couple of months for the next “crisis” and call to jump through more hoops while the second coming of Rome crumbles into its whimpering history.


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