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Friday, February 15, 2013

Obama Hikes Taxes, Promises Less of Everything

Saying that the U.S. economy is an “unfinished task” one has to wonder what President Obama really means. Did he mean that the economy is struggling and he would like to get it moving again or did he really mean the economy is struggling and that he’d like to “finish the job” of killing it entirely. By his actions over his presidency so far, one has to wonder.

It is an audacity to say that his administration has reduced the deficit or cut spending when nothing of the sort has even been considered never mind not carried out. Even the dreaded "Sequestor" is not a cut in spending but a reduction of increases in spending. So much for responsible government. If the Sequestor was so damaging, Obama wouldn't have signed it into law, a fact that seems to have been overlooked in the days leading up to it's implementation.
President Obama is the “spendiest” president there ever was, dwarfing the second spendiest president, G.W. Bush by Trillions of dollars. How he can stand up there and say otherwise is really a sham.
It is a pre-emptive strike on the call for cuts in the runaway government spending when Obama emphatically announces that the country can’t “cut its way to prosperity”  since that is exactly what it will take to get the economy going: Cut Spending and put more money in the pockets of the taxpayers. It’s economics 101.

The less money in people’s pockets, the less there is to spend. The less there is to spend, the less there will be to buy and more people will find themselves out of work. Less money, less products, less workers.
But the only jobs president Obama cares about keeping is those of teachers, firefighters, cops and other government workers. The private sector gets no mention.

There have been quite a few mergers lately as well as more layoff announcements. This is because of the steady implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act which is raising costs, adding bureaucracies and layers of paperwork. These consolidations are meant to rid companies of the only cost variable they are unable to get control of: People. Thanks to all the overhead attached to them, the less people the better.
ObamaCare is essentially a "People Tax" which all new hires will carry with them over and above their salaries. It makes people a very expensive commodity to hire and so it is now better and cheaper in the long run to spend the money on machines that replace people.

So when facing a harsh reality of the consequences of Mr. Obama’s health plan what does he propose?
Why raising the Minimum Wage, of course!

Since his other policies haven’t put enough people out of work, why not keep more people from getting jobs? It’s the logical conclusion of the economically ignorant. Or is Mr. Obama ignorant of these economic realities? One has to wonder.
There are plenty of jobs not worth $9.00 an hour. Grocery stores, gas stations, delivery drivers and more. If the business you’re working for or want to work for can’t afford to pay it, those jobs are gone.  The fixed minimum wage is just another People Tax.

Of course in announcing this proposal, the president cites “Corporate Profits” never being higher like big corporations will be the ones paying the price. Nothing was said about the small businesses that will be reeling from the effects and who are also responsible for employing more people than big corporations do.
Keep in mind that Mr. Obama has never run even a hotdog stand. Either he knows what this will do to people looking for work or he doesn’t know what it will do, either way it’s going to lead to less jobs. I mean, a person can’t be this ignorant of what makes the world go ‘round, can they?

And speaking of around the world, this overhead will also make American business less compeditive in the global marketplace. Higher costs, less compeditive.

Obama’s ceaseless push for more education funds and more education possibilities is a step in the wrong direction. There is no money to fund these initiatives and without industry, where are all these educated people going to work? We’ll be like China back in the 1970s with engineers plowing rice fields. As it stands right now, there is no place to go for our current crops of college grads who are coming out of school with huge debt and no jobs to pay it down. For them there is less of a future. Less jobs, less opportunity.
The president is currently out on the campaign trail saying and promising anything to anybody who’ll listen. His latest proposal is Universal Pre-School beginning at 4 years old. I’m not making this up! This is an illusion, shear lunacy to the point of embarrassment.

With the Federal Reserve continuing to buy government debt, with the government continuing to buy GM automobiles to boost their sales and with the government expanding at every turn, there is going to be less of everything else.

The Gross National Product of the United States has shrunk yet government continues to spend. Less production and less jobs means less taxes coming into the government yet the federal budget continues to expand.  Heaven help your savings and 401k if they decide to print money to cover the budget deficits. No amount of money will be safe from the ensuing inflation. Just check out Argentina and Venezuela with their 20% inflation rate and shortages of even the most staple of products. Don’t say it can’t happen here. Without the profit motive, people will stop producing. Less buying power, less business, less purchases.  

So the State of the Union proposals: More spending, more laws, more subsidies, more government and more executive power means only one thing: Less.   

More for government means less for you. 

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