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Monday, July 16, 2012

Obama Comes Clean, Declares War on Success

Not that this is a surprise to anyone by now but the resentment that radiates from President Obama and his adherents toward anyone successful in this country is reaching new and scary levels.

It’s not a matter of ethnic origin. No matter what “color” you are, if you want to do something with yourself, you’ve got this man and his government standing in your way.
That’s not to say that past governments haven’t gotten in your way and they certainly have but no president that I can ever recall hearing or reading about has so steadfastly and declaratively stood up in front of the American people and said that it is the State that has made you a success, not YOU making yourself a success.

I have heard this argument many times from the American Left.  It is your lower waged workers that have made you a success, it is the infrastructure put in place by the State that allows you to get your goods to market, that it is the government underwriting low interest loans that got your business off the ground.
And this is all said to undermine YOU, your DRIVE to succeed, your original ideas and your ultimate success. If you are a Hispanic businessman, a Black businessman or a White businessman, you don’t count in the equation of success.

Anyone in any business, from the laundromat owner, the carwash owner, the corner store in ANY neighborhood up to the multi-site doughnut empire magnet, you should take pause with what President Obama is implying.
You’re ok with him just as long as you don’t try to get anywhere in life.

Or maybe you’re just not hearing it the way I am.
Either the President doesn’t know or doesn’t care that the infrastructure you use to move your goods was in fact paid for by the taxes your business and other businesses like yours generated. Or that your paid staff who work for you either wouldn’t be working or doing the same thing somewhere else if YOU didn’t give them a job. And those loans would still be available and most likely at a comparable rate if the government wasn’t subsidizing them with taxpayer money.

But the bottom line is that Mr. Obama has nothing else to talk about. He’s all in with his us against them class warfare hate the privileged working class play to the lowest common denominator road show. It is now all about the destruction of every means of success that America has left to offer. Nobody will escape, nobody will be unaffected. The only unknown in all of this is how violent this will get come November. 
Nothing Obama has done to this point will stand. Obama's bloated expansion of the Federal Government is already starting to collapse under its own weight. The shortages of medicinal drugs has already begun to show itself and if your doctor retires, you will be hard pressed to find another one.  The state unions the Stimulus money has held up for the last three years is running out and the debts are pouring in with no resources to pay for them and for the first time the city unions are starting to feel the impact. Many are starting to see their pension plans frozen and are being told to  to go to a 401k. Many are seeing their $5.00 medical co-pay become $25.00.
And I say to them, “Welcome to the real world.” Now live the life we in the private sector have been living with we've watched our tax money paying for other people's kids to go to college while we take on massive debt for our own. This is what happens when you pay people not to work and live in section 8 housing instead of paying them for a full days work. 

Bad policy takes a long time to kill a system of government. Since the 1960s the Feds have been looking for places to put a bridge instead of just putting a bridge where one is needed. We didn't need a massive School Lunch Program, we didn't need a massive Correctional Infrastucture and we didn't need an ever expanding Military Machine that in spit of being in a state of perpetual war, never seems to win any of them. Why kill the job? And we thing it's only Eqypt where the military runs things.

But alas, these are the shortages and debt that will be coming to your State, your Town and your Street. This is what a Marxist State looks like.
So how do you like it?  

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