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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Loners Shoot People

That’s the way it is. These people go off in our society for one reason or another and do something heinous. Why? I don’t know. Say its pressure to succeed. Say its dreams drummed into one’s head since childhood that they can be anything they want in life and then not being able to do it.
But for whatever the reason for cracking, these people walk among us and often there is little that we can do to stop them when they do decide to inflict their damages upon society.

Now a Liberal can blame the gun for these recent murders and the Conservative can blame the shooter but that doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot if it’s your kid lying dead overnight at Columbine High School or in that Colorado movie theater.
I find the slightest thought of attempting to make political hay out of this wholesale slaughter offensive.

It disgusts me to hear any accusation that there was a political motivation or particular group affiliation to this act and the ones to utter them are worse than the dregs of our society despite their high incomes and daily media vehicles. They are merely manifestations of blind obedience, as evil in intent as the killer.
But our society has lost a step or two on the way to moral high ground and one of the chief loses in this land is justice. There can be no justice without the death penalty. There is nothing we do now that any criminal mind can respect. There is nothing that we can do to console the victim or the victim’s family that they will respect either. Justice in the U.S. is almost always a disappointment to both sides.

This man should hang for what he has done and hang before his 30th birthday. Nobody believes that will ever happen.
But life is for the living and life will go on for the rest of us. There will be the memorials and the remembrances but this too will fad only to be replaced by another such atrocity somewhere down the road someplace else and we all will again be in shock.

And it'll be too bad then too.

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