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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Romney/Paul Ticket a Winner

Question: What would make me want to vote for Mitt Romney for President?
Answer: If Ron Paul is on the ticket for Vice President.

It’s enough to give that wack-job radio (lack of) personality Mark Levin an aneurism. 

This would be a smart move by Mitt Romney for several reasons. The first is that he is too much like Barack Obama himself and why vote for a Liberal Republican when you can have the real thing in a Liberal Democrat? So having Ron Paul as his Vice President would set him apart ideologically and Mitt Romney needs that so very badly. He doesn’t have to adopt Ron Paul’s Libertarian ideals but he could let him go at the Federal Reserve and sit back and watch. That would be delightful!

Another good reason to have Ron Paul as part of a Mitt Romney run for the Presidency is that they really seem to get along. Dr. Paul, as elder statesman, has the experience on Capital Hill that Mitt lacks. He knows his way around the halls of Congress like few in the Romney campaign do. This is a valuable asset.

And still yet another good reason is that Ron Paul, as a consistent voice in the dissonant winds of government would keep Mitt Romney grounded and free of glaring missteps that even presidents that were considered good have made. Like Ronald Reagan granting amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens. What was he thinking? Who told him that was a good idea?

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are kindred spirits in a way. Both are seen as having "problems" because of their beliefs. Mitt for his Mormonism and Ron for his Libertarianism. 

Ron Paul would not be a “yes” man and Romney will need that if he is to set this country back on the right track. Mitt Romney is a smart man but can he go it alone without trustworthy council? Who has been the most consistent voice in Congress no matter what you may think of the man?

I can recall that Congressman Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who was at the time before he was a Vice Presidential candidate, a staunch advocate of the School Voucher Program. That’s the program where you, as a taxpayer, receive a voucher for the money you have paid toward the school system via taxes, would then be able to use that voucher to enroll your children in THE SCHOOL OF YOUR CHOICE.

But when Al Gore picked him to run with him as Vice President, Joe Lieberman never uttered the word VOUCHER ever, ever again. A true man of principle, Joe Lieberman.

Ron Paul is not another Joe Lieberman. No Sir.  

This would also be a shining achievement for Libertarianism. To have Ron Paul as a Vice Presidential nominee would be the next big step in acceptance in the ideals of freedom not embraced since the founding fathers did in 1776. How sweet that would be not for us but for this great nation. After all, we’re not in it for the money like the Liberals.

Forgotten will be the alternate disparagements and ignoring of Dr. Paul. It is no secret that the younger voters, having witnessed the failures and false promises of the past, are hearing the Libertarian message. It’s been long overdue for freedom and the freedom loving to go mainstream.

Would that it were, would that it were. 

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