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Friday, February 10, 2012

Free Health Care for All!

The latest farcical controversy between the Catholic Church and the U.S. government is astounding on so many levels as to confuse the most astute observer.

On one hand we have the government giving away yet another chunk of taxpayer money for the colossal non-issue of women’s contraception. Add to that the over-reach and tyrannical nature of government dictating to private organizations like hospitals and insurance companies on what they’re going to do with the money they make and the services they render. Then there is the other head of the Hydra, the Catholic Organization.  That’s just for starters.

Given the political and economic climate of the United States right now where we as a nation are broke but have an incumbent president who holds the dual sword of wielding more power than he was ever meant to have but lagging so low in popularity among the paying classes that he is driven to entice a large population of those who don’t to vote his inept behind back into the White House for another acrimonious and predictably disastrous four more years.

The government giveaway campaign continues with free contraception for women. No co-pay, no nothing, the contraception of your choice is free. And if the organization has an objection on religious grounds, no worries because their insurance company must pay for it anyway. Free of charge. That’s the plan.

But anyone with half a brain or without a political agenda will admit that there is no such thing as free. Somebody, somewhere will have to bear the costs of such a plan. Go look in the mirror. Who do you see? That’s right, you’ve found the person who is going to pay more for the same services that they receive while others get them for free. But wait, they’re poor and you’re loaded so what’s another $20.00 out of YOUR pocket? You’ve got it, moneybags, working for a big greedy corporation that rapes the unsuspecting consumer by charging a price for their products and services. There are so many more deserving of that money.  And so what if your phone bill has gone up, your car insurance has increased, heating your home has gone up and the cost of your health insurance has almost DOUBLED in the last four years. What’s another 20 bucks?

Then we find the Catholic Organization has cried “foul” at being forced to provide free contraception in their businesses. Yet they have for decades been in bed with the government on so many issues, the major one lately is illegal immigration. Another is their tax free status on not only churches but for Catholic businesses like the YMCA & YWCA. Their hospitals have benefited from government money. So now they’re upset that their “partner” wants them to hand out free contraceptives? So now they find religion?

For many reasons, the Catholic Organization’s influence is waning in the United States. For one they change “religious” doctrine to suit their needs. Another is that they’ve protected pedophile priests for perhaps centuries and they never seem to let religion get in the way of closing a church one they stop producing a revenue stream. Mexico and South America is teaming with Catholics just waiting to be tapped as a useful revenue stream. Hence, the “Catholicism as a business model” is all for illegal immigrants being granted amnesty.

The economy is ¾ driven by consumer spending. That axiom is repeated like a mantra across this land but the major malfunction I see is that every giveaway takes more and more money out of the regular person’s pocket so they have less to spend. Less purchases means a reduction in production. This in turn generates less taxes and so government has less to support its giveaways. Less spending, less production. less taxes, less giveaways. It’s Economics 101. Yet the giveaways are increasing without any thought to where the money or production will come to pay for them. The word for this is: Insane. 

There is nothing in my copy of the Constitution that says the Federal Government should be in the business of providing free contraceptives to women. In fact, there is no Constitutional mandate that I can find that gives the Federal Government the right to be in the healthcare business. Or the retirement business, or the business of educating our children or a government lunch program in those schools. But the Feds have bought their way into these areas and have made them a disaster. Everything they have made a policy of or a “war” against has become a costly, bureaucratic shambles. 

So here we have it: An omnipresent and dictatorial president pushing minutia and ignoring the difficult problems in an attempt to buy votes to extend and consolidate his power, a grasping kleptocracy of a government machine that can’t find time to produce a budget over the last three years but has managed to take over private enterprise in this country and raided the treasury for their own gain. A nation of youth that has had their future spent for them for short term political gain and short-lived economic balance, and the rest of us who played by the rules, saw this coming and knew better in the first place.

Just another day at the office in “Other People’s Money-land”.

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