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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let’s Have a War!

I know, we've had plenty already and we’re still waging two wars for this last decade plus just finished up an intervention in Libya but that’s no reason we can’t expand our sphere of influence so to speak by using our UN front for further intervention into the case of Syria or trigger a civil uprising in Iran. Our interest in the Middle East apparently knows no bounds.

And isn’t it our place, really, to save these people? We hear the masses calling out to the United States to aid them in overthrowing an uncooperative regime. They desire for us to bomb the old regime into oblivion and then help guide a new fledgling democracy, nurture their resurgent oil industry and be their Christian ally in their new Islamic Republic. We’re the United States, we’re here to help.

So what’s a little extra bloodshed for the good of the people? We’ll be saving the children! We’ll also be consolidating our influence in the region. We’re looking for the next Shah Pahlavi and we're going to find one, Goddamit! We’re laying the groundwork as I write.

The rhetoric is already flying on the American airwaves: Iran will attack US ships in the Gulf, Iran threatens to attack targets in the U.S., Iran to close the Strait of Hormuz, Iran to develop nuclear weapon, etc.  

This is the Iraq war buildup all over again. It’s tiresome in its lack of originality. But war is inevitable because the US will make it so.

Russia has put itself into an unenviable position with its attempts to defend the murderous Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad. One can only speculate that this is an attempt to keep more US led multi-national forces out of the region and to try and fend off a US “inspired” new Syrian government. Now that’s a choice between the rock and the hard place. Good luck with that Vladimir

But it’s “Here we go again.” in the old Empire. Money and the promise of power will find willing volunteers and there will be blood. Unhindered by the Constitution or the U.S. Congress and powered by the American taxpayer and government printing presses, the U.S. can, with impunity, overturn injustice overseas, vanquish evil, bring the “criminals” to justice and exact the punishment on (selected) world oppressors. If you can’t tell the good guys from the bad, no worries, we’ll sort that all out for you in the press. Everything is going to be ok.

What could possibly go wrong this time?  

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