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Friday, April 7, 2017

Trump Moves to Derail Assad Victory

United States under President Donald Trump has now intervened in the Syrian conflict based on an elaborate and fiercely promoted fabrication and has stated that there is now a coalition forming to again attempt to dislodge President/Dictator Bashar al Assad from his leadership at a time where it seems final victory in Syria's long civil war was within his grasp.

How convenient.

It’s all so hard to disprove a reported incident like this when it happens on the other side of the world in a land where life is cheap, prospects grim, the resources rich, the politics cutthroat and the wars...endless.

The “He’s just a crazy dictator” excuse doesn't fly concerning why Mr. Assad, with his enemies on the run and just a year or so away from certain and inevitable victory, would suddenly decide to use Sarin gas on a superficial target. What purpose would such a move serve him?  

Well of course such a thing wouldn’t serve Assad at all BUT it certainly would serve the Western nations so that they can jump back into the conflict to prevent Assad’s march to re-acquire control of the country. 

What a setup!

Think about it. Assad finally triumphs in his civil war and is in control of the country. Russia once again has a firm grip on their Mediterranean port and the threat of being pushed out of the region will cease and any new efforts or circumstances to pry Russia off the Mediterranean and Syria's government from its oil resources will take decades to manifest.

Well, that can't be allowed to happen!

What is it about U.S. Presidents that when they get their hands on control of our military that they just can't keep their finger off the button? Like Obama's love of drones or Rahm Emanuel asking "Who did we get today?" when he would walk into the office. It becomes a game to these people.

I'm supremely disappointed that President Trump has used the U.S. Military for such a spurious "reason". I'm appalled actually at this grave misstep and now all the war mongers are praising him as one of their own. 

And he now indeed belongs to them. 

Russia is now been put on alert alright but they aren't going to cut and run from the country. And the last time I checked...We're Still Broke! We've got no tax cuts, no ObamaCare repeal and so what do we do now? Why drop bombs on Syria of course! 

What could possibly go wrong? 

How about being seen as helping out radical jihadists who vow to establish a Islamist Caliphate based on Sharia law in Syria? Sleep tight Mr. Netanyahu! 

We just dropped, literally, $94,400,000.00 on our "warning" shot! That money could've gone to far better use and unfortunately it's not like it's going to be the last time Mr. Trump is going to piss away taxpayer money "for the little babies!" that the U.S. citizenry hasn't earned yet as he flexes his new found might. What a loss this is. 

And all I really wanted was a tax cut and better health care. 

An agent or nation that would greatly benefit from U.S. intervention pulled this stunt and to find the people who benefit is to find the people who did it. Or a more likely scenario is that they ALL were in on it to some extent since there are so many with motive to snatch the victory from Assad's hands either for spite, for gold or for mere conquest.

It's just all too neat and tidy for me not to smell a rat in all this. But Trump has made his move so willingly or unwillingly we are all going along for the ride and regardless of his true motivation or whether the United States can afford entering yet another costly conflict we have no business being in, here we are again.

How great is that?

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