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Monday, June 17, 2013

Shadowy Evidence Serves A Shadowy Presidency

It is not just a lie, it is an OBVIOUS lie.

Does anybody really know if Basher Assad used Sarin gas on what is described as “his own” people whatever that means? I take it to mean his Enemies.
But any excuse will serve a Tyrant. I read that in an Aesop fable somewhere and it seems to fit very well in this instance.

Should we take French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabious’ super- ambiguous statement saying “Sarin gas was used in Syria” as a reason to enter the fray against Assad? What if it turns out that the rebel faction actually used the gas?  Now wouldn’t THAT be awkward? I don’t even want to go into where the gas came from if, indeed, it was there in the first place.
And where is the UN at? Aren't they going to "condemn" this alleged behavior for us?
But at any rate, here we are once again poised for yet another intervention in yet another civil war in yet another Middle East nation but all of a sudden the Obama Regime is worried about how it’s going to look THIS time?

So here is the old “Weapons of Mass Destruction” construct re-worked this time with a Red Line to be crossed and rolled out for another Big-Lie-Go-Round. This is the part of the current syndicate that’s been running this country that can be said to be truly transparent.
But our shadowy president and his shadowy henchmen that pass for advisors and cabinet secretaries are once again blindly feeling down the short sighted trail of foreign relations. What on earth do they hope to accomplish other than more instability, fear of the future and pain?

Libya worked out real well for Obama already didn’t it? Well here comes Syria!
So what can an out of control government leading the biggest economy in the world do? Should we go back to the “Death From Above” campaign we’re so good at or should we get serious this time and put boots on the ground?

What could possibly go wrong with that?
We should most likely see both Russia and Iran going all-in on Syria and really start sending in the BIG STUFF along with trainers, support staff and mercenary troops. Maybe then France and England get in on the act and Whoopee, we'll really be warring our way to prosperity won't we? 

Short supply lines, access to willing combatants and dwindling war chests back home should make the going difficult for the U.S. Imperialist Machine in Syria. There is no economic engine driving this or any of the other military expenditures the Obama presidency has been involved in. It's all just IOUs at this point since none of the money spent has been earned yet.
If we as a nation actually had a functioning Congress, Obama wouldn’t have gotten his Libyan Adventure off the ground never mind starting this one. The Obama Regime was in clear violation of the War Powers Act in regards to Libya but nobody can do anything to stop a president from going to war anymore.

All we can do is now is watch.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Eric Holder Clears Eric Holder of Wrong Doing

                                                                                                June 3, 2013


U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Press Release:

The U.S. Justice Department recently got together with Eric Holder who also chaired the meeting and after careful and balanced deliberations it was ruled that Eric Holder is blameless in the death of a U.S. boarder agent, Brian Terry, and numerous Mexican citizens in his engineering of the present administrations absurd idea of trying to alter U.S. public opinion on gun ownership by allowing American arms to “Walk” across the border into Mexico and having them "find" their way into the hands of murderous drug cartel thugs and that these arms showing up at a number of murder scenes including agent Terry’s was all just an unfortunate coincidence.
 It is clear to the Justice Department and Eric Holder that he had no knowledge of this operation and therefore could not perjure himself when he faced questions regarding this secret operation from Congress.
Eric Holder also found that he, Eric Holder, is not culpable in the tapping of phone lines of members of the National Press and of initiating possible criminal charges towards them. Mr. Holder does acknowledge that his need to locate the sources of unauthorized information leaks from the White House absolutely trumps the U.S. Constitution but that he didn’t know about the wire taps in the first place because he had recused himself from the whole matter ages ago, didn’t you get the memo?

Eric Holder’s Justice Department also declared that there was no dereliction of duty in the failure to prosecute the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation during the 2008 presidential election since one should not expect Mr. Holder to prosecute “his people” regardless of their perceived, filmed and widely distributed actions. Mr. Holder asks “Haven’t black folks been persecuted enough in this country for doing wrong things? Isn’t it time we just look the other way?”
And finally the U.S. Justice Department under Eric Holder further determines that Mr. Holder shall not be held accountable for any new claims of wrongful conduct, obstruction, perjury or of failing to provide evidence to Congress for any future misdeeds that the American people have yet to discover or that he has yet to commit.
This concludes the inquiry into Justice Holder’s conduct.

Send this to all the media outlets please.