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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Our Ever Changing HealthCare Law

Just what healthcare law did the Supreme Court uphold anyway?

Was it the Affordable Care act of 2010 or the 14 different versions of that law that has been passed to the American public by word of mouth from the White House?

Was it ever even a law? I've heard it was and people are acting like it was a law but there doesn't really seem to be a law.

As the late, great Harry Nilsson wrote in his epic story The Point: "A point in every direction is like no point at all!"

When you try to cover everything, you end up covering nothing.
We have no President and we have no Healthcare Law.

Not if you don't want it to be at any rate.
Unlike what you may be reading in the government newpapers and hearing on the government news channels, the Affordable Care Act is not what President Obama says it is whenever he gets around to telling us what it’s going to be about THIS WEEK. Has anybody check the latest presidental TWEET?

In the 237-odd years that the country has been the United States, laws have tended to be more static in the past once they are signed into law. Now they are anything someone might tell you they are.
What makes anyone believe that any of this is going to be enforceable?

Challenge away o’ folks who still have enough money to actually be able to afford justice in this country, you will have this law tied up for a decade. All you have to do is ask for a dated copy of the new provisions passed by Congress. What? It WASN’T passed by Congress? Well then, were the new provisions signed by the President? They WEREN’T? Trying to find somebody who can interprete THE AIR will be a daunting task don't you think? Or maybe they just find some crazy homeless person who'll wave his hands around and tell the court what it's all about. And who's to say they would be wrong?  
And how the hell is the IRS going to enforce these tax penalties? Challenge away you scofflaws. The wheels of justice have been moving slower than ever before and will most likely grind to a halt over numerous and consistent court cases asking for proof of the new measures.

There is no law, not this law not ANY law anymore.
Maybe it won't be long now before the police will be shaking pedestrians down for cash and he courts will fine you for just about anything you can think of. The country is descending into one big  money-grab.  

It's been the American Way for way too long. You can live like a cricket and spend everything you earn and at the end of the day the government will take care of you. You can toil like the ant, scrimp and say and all you do is end up paying for the crickets healthcare plan. So why bother?

Forget Congress, they aren’t enforcing their own laws and have passed laws exempting them from being subject to laws in the first place which makes me wonder if they are actually subject to the laws they’ve passed making them not subject to the laws they have passed. Right?
So do as you please these days. Get health insurance, don’t get health insurance. Pay the fine, don't pay the fine or don't even pay your medical bills. They can't do anything to you by law anyway. They can't charge you interest and they can't put it on your credit report. All they can do is have someone call you on the phone so what the hell does it matter anymore?

Doctors should go back to the way things were before Medicaid and the meddling of the government in the business of providing healthcare. They should go back to coming to your home to give your kids a shot in the ass. Growing up in the Boston Projects, we had a doctor who visited our place to do just that since when one kid in the project got the measles, all the kids got the measles. The doc would come buy, give you a shot (Penicillin, remember those days before they shot all that shit into the livestock and screwed everything up?).
Anyway, the doctor gave us a shot in the patoot and my mom paid him and he left. No office manager, no insurance claim, no discount, no offset, no government overhead and no bullshit.
And it all worked just great. I got a shot in the butt, the measles went away, the doctor got paid and my mom got some sleep.

So what went wrong?
Government of course, solving problems that weren’t problems in the first place and buying their way into the industry with promises to the doctors that they wouldn’t lose a dime if they went along with their plans. And in the beginning they didn’t.

But look at them now.
Doctors have to consolidate their services in order to survive. There aren't many single doctors offices anymore. Now doctors have to be affiliated with a larger medical group to absorb all the liabilities that come with the field and that the ACA never even addresses.

Doctors should drop all insurance carriers period, especially the government ones that drive up the costs of patient care and just administrate their own billing. They’ve got their own billing and  collections departments now already anyway; they wouldn’t even have to gear up. All they have to do is drop the government plans and quit taking their filthy money. And need I remind anybody that it’s OUR filthy money which has gone to everything BUT us and which is used to batter any dissatisfied citizen challenger into the ground.  The government has taken all the resources before you can even think to fight them.

So then let the government take everybody to court and try to drive "rouge" medical centers out of business. Like they aren’t going to be forced out of business ANYWAY by ever increasing government intervention and the prospect of receiving ever decreasing payments for the services they provide. Their dead ducks either way so they might as well fight for their rights and their livelihood.
Let the government try to enforce their ever-changing illegitimate bullshit iron-gloved Healthcare boondoggle of a law that nobody on God’s Green Earth really knows what it does anymore.

So ultimately we should pay our doctors directly and CUT OUT THE MIDDLEMAN, namely THE GOVERNMENT and let them try to stop us.

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