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Monday, December 16, 2013

National Public Radio: Last Believers in Global Warming

It’s about time that our nationally sponsored government radio stations across the United States just drop the whole Climate Change/Global Warming shtick once and for all since it’s quite obvious that nobody inside or outside of the public sector still believes it was actually happening.
The revelations of collusion between the Global Warming science “community” has long been brought to the light of day as is clear and mounting evidence,formerly suppressed or just never reported in the mainstream, revealing that for the last 17 years temperatures have not been rising but actually dropping after all.

Even staunch Leftists have been coming clean about the situation, the smartest of them already seeing the writing on the wall. Some have simply stopped attacking the Denialists and have just shut their mouths already.  Perhaps they can tour the talk circuit with the tagline: “I was a Climate Change believer” thereby gaining some added sustenance by reveling how they were duped or coerced by an evil government management into going along with the game. Maybe they could go on Oprah and talk about how they feel so used.
But tune into any NPR radio station any time of any day and you will never know that anything has changed. They will have either a panel discussion or a guest commentator who talk about how "more needs to be done" concerning the “settled science” of Climate Change which is how they’ve been trying to structure the argument ever since they realized their pseudo-science wasn’t holding up to scrutiny. 

Changing the name, it was hoped, would lend an air of ambiguousness to their Climate Science since people were seeing through their bogus Global Warming cabal that saw people like former democratic presidential candidate for the presidency of the United States, Al Gore, go from a lowly Millionaire to a more respectable Billionaire and saw just oodles of public funds funneled to American universities and scientists to “study” the problems in the fevered hope that someday they will find a solution, wink wink!

And the change in semantics was so clever, so subtle, one day the phrase is Global Warming and then the next day it’s Climate Change and so NOBODY NOTICED!
But it is a new world these days. There are no secrets. Or at the very least there aren’t enough people who can keep a secret anymore and so everything comes out eventually.

So it’s time for the good Leftists over at The People’s Radio Station to just drop the act. They’ve been able to keep a straight face for this long and that’s a marketable skill when one works for the government, especially the kind of government we’ve had to put up with for the last couple of decades, but it’s over.
It’s time that someone tell them that the propaganda war is over and THEY LOST.

To continue with an obvious charade is tiresome and, frankly, embarrassing. The money is sure to dry up so isn’t there some “Income Inequality” or “Services Access Disparity” for these good Comrades to jump on now? Surely there is another rainbow to chase now that the Political Lefts Holy Grail has turned out to be a shoddy pewter beer mug.
Maybe they can hold a fund raiser to retrain all the Climate Chicken Little’s to do something else with their lives. Perhaps they could be retrained for a new and completely different line of work. How about Journalism School?

Or perhaps the best of these Global Cooling Deniers at NPR could just transfer over to Bloomberg Radio and add a little more mileage to their careers since it will likely be Bloomberg , the station started by the former Crazed Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg renowned for his Billions of dollars and certifiable odd behavior, that will hold onto the Global Warming party line to the last man, woman and Bolshevik.
But it makes no difference at this point in time since the argument, science, and quixotic belief in Global Warming as a man-made phenomenon is over.

It’s about time NPR got the news.

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