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Monday, May 28, 2012

Won't Someplace Just Hurry-up and Collapse Already?

I’m just tired of waiting. All this putting off until tomorrow to do the right thing about the deficit and the national debt is making me wonder if anything can actually cause a financial collapse in this country anymore. The nation is supposedly $15 Trillion in the hole and states are running deficits all over but nothing seems to actually collapse. The payrolls are being met and the people on public assistance seem to be getting their public assistance.  We’re supposed to be teetering on the edge of a cliff.

So won’t someplace just hurry up and go over the edge financially so we can get this whole chain reaction fiscal cliff thing over with already?

Anybody, Greece, California, Spain, Rhode Island, Portugal, Missisippi… we can't go up until we hit bottom so we might as well get it over with. All we hear is that it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen. So something happen already, Christ!

The stimulus bills, the government borrowing, the floating of bonds and the increases in taxation all are just going into holding up the government infrastructure of public unions and federal systems. There is no return on this money being spent because it’s being spent on government; it’s just providing a holding pattern. Without some sort of growth, this sorry excuse for financial policy will crumble. Eventually we'll have to pay all this borrowed money back, right?
The more people thrown out of work means there’s less tax money for the State. The more money the State tries to take at this point will throw more people out of work. The State has regulated and taxed us to the point where business cannot function and yet the regulations and increases keep coming.

Had this financial house of cards been allowed to go through it’s natural correction back in 2004 and had the banks not been "saved" we’d be coming out of it by now. The more it gets put off, the worse it ends up. This is not new, our ruling party has made the same mistake before.
But at this point there isn’t much do about it now but just let it collapse.

The government pension system, Social Security, Medicaid and public assistance programs will eventually not only not be able to meet their obligation to send out funds to recipients but won’t be able to meet their payrolls. Everything, government contracts, pension funds, sick day compensation, disability and so forth should be put back on the table and re-thought because right now, the costs of government has outstripped the taxpayer’s ability to pay. But that can't happen until the states file for bankrupsy.

So let it all collapse already. I’m waiting.

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