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Friday, March 13, 2015

No Justice in the US Without the Death Penalty

And I mean a real death penalty, not the pretend death penalty we put in place where a death row inmate has a better chance of dying from natural causes than by the hand of the State. There is no reason a person on death row should be there for 20 years and handily outliving their victims families. There should be an appeal and then an execution within 90 days if that appeal does not overturn or change the sentence, period.

Over the last several decades the goal of "progressive" lawmakers has been to legislate the death penalty out of our justice system by instituting a lengthy and costly appeals system designed not to protect the rights of the accused but to drive the cost of sentencing a killer to death up to the point where it is becomes more cost-effective to keep them alive than to actually mete out justice for the crime. Over time it has also been proven that a Life Sentence doesn't always mean life behind bars. Many are eventually paroled to lead lives that they victims were never able to.

The victims and the families of victims are an afterthought when it comes to protecting the perpetrator and the victim impact statements are just a dog and pony show. Whatever the verdict is, it will be a disappointment to the victim and their family. And in the case of murder, that's a guarantee. 

But what about innocent victims of the system, mistakenly and unjustly convicted of a crime of murder? I say when in doubt, don’t. Don’t sentence them to death. But if you have people like David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam killer, Colin Ferguson, the New York Subway shooter, John Allen Mohammed and John Lee Malvo of the Atlanta sniper murders, or Dzhorar Tsarnaev the Boston Marathon Bomber, these people were caught dead to rights and should be euthanized. There is no doubt they committed their crimes and they should pay the ultimate penalty for them. In all of the above cases they killed multiple people and cause incalculable suffering for the victims surviving family not to mention chaos and lasting trepidation in the communities in which these killings occurred.
Our criminal justice system, like the correctional system, is a business. Many a livelihood is provided and so it pays to have a murder victim’s family come back to court every 5 years to insure that some liberal judge doesn't release the killer because the day they don’t show up, he’s out. That has got to be torture and that is no way to live for people who haven’t done anything to deserve this kind of treatment at the hands of the judicial system.

It has also been brought to my attention that the Prison Phone Contracts generate $362 million dollar a year for the winning bidder and of that $152 million is kicked back to the prison system. How's that for taking advantage of a captive audience? Do you know how much revenue the System will lose if we actually put these people to death? This is money we're talking about. Money for lawyers, money for the judges and money for the phone company. Do you want to let justice hurt that revenue stream? That's downright heartless!

Yet the most basic rule of life is: “Protect Yourself at All Times” and if something should happen then there’s nothing anybody can do to bring a loved one back. Life is for the living but even so, unless we return to true punishment in this country where the penalty fits the crime, we as a nation are going to continue to see more brazen murders, experience increased lawlessness AND higher costs in our already overburdened and under funded penal system.

Whether one believes that the death penalty is a deterrent or not is irrelevant. The death penalty is a punishment, a penance to be paid for the crime of murder.

How much longer do we have to wait? 

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