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Friday, June 13, 2014

Iraq Is George W. Bush's Middle East War

Just like the first one, the second Iraq War was a war that should never have been fought.

And just like in the Vietnam War, we knew from the start of it that the locals were not going to fight. The only difference between Vietnam and Iraq was that the reports of the South Vietnamese' lack of stomach for their civil war with the north were suppressed and kept from the American people at the time and only came out long after. In Iraq the reports were public right away. 

There is a huge chasm between what some Iraqi factions said they wanted and what they were willing to fight for. The United States started training the local defense force ten years ago and here they are; a group that has no will to defend its current government. This is also a reflection of how they view this government which was funded and set up by foreign hands and was more interested in favors and exclusion than building a new government. They certainly don’t feel a loyalty to it or are willing to die to defend it.

This is no surprise. Who didn't know that as soon as the United States stepped out for a cup of coffee, the whole country would go to the other side? All those young lives, all those resources earned by the American people and that were taken from their pockets to support the war and all this time WASTED. And we KNEW it from the beginning. This is the biggest sin of the crime of Iraq Wars: All that wishful thinking. 

Trying to pin this result on Obama is just rhetoric. Since the president didn't keep the money spigot on and "do what it takes" to continue to send our best to Iraq for ANOTHER ten years the inevitable failure in Iraq has been his doing? Even though it took him six years after he made his campaign promise to end the Iraq war, Obama did promise to end the Iraq war as a tenant of his first presidential campaign. The President was hammered for his delay and now he is being hammered for not continuing. You can't have it both ways even when the president is a flaming Marxist. 

This is the Industrial military complex coming to the fore to make their bought and paid for Republocrats in the government jump up and yell "Foul".

It is these long and wasteful wars; Afghanistan 10/2001 and Iraq 03/2003, wars never ending, that are the reason the Republican Party lost the White House and that the current regime is now is in control of the country. The GOP was all in on going into Iraq again and are the ones to blame for this and with everyone there at the time the blame should remain. 

We are a nation in denial

The Iraq Wars were not about winning, they were all about the money. If they were about winning, neither of them would have lasted more than two years and not three times longer than it took to fight WWII.

And talk about deceit. First there was the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” that nobody actually believed had existed and, of course, were never found. Once Saddam Hussein’s regime had fallen it was then about “Nation Building” which is what we do after we knock down a country. But the country wasn't actually knocked down and City-States aren't made, they form organically over time. A long, long time. And since we were spending millions of dollars A DAY in Iraq, time was something we never really had.


This term has taken on new meaning among the warmongers in government. The people tied to the BIG Business of arms manufacture in the United States. We make the BEST, most sophisticated armaments in the world but if there is not war well, what the hell are they good for? Peace is bad for business.

So when someone asks: "Gee, why have we been fighting all these wars over the past number of decades since WW II?" All we ever get in response is the dismissive accusation “What are you, some kind of ISOLATIONIST?” "Hey Dick, this guy doesn't want to invade a foreign country, he must be some kind of Passivist or something!" "Nah, Dick says, He's just an Isolationist, just ignore him."

So an Isolationist these days is someone who doesn't want to intervene in the affairs of sovereign countries and if they don’t welcome our “help” then we send men with guns to MAKE them like it. This is a far cry from free trade and non-intervention that our founding fathers had wished for our nation.

The future of the Middle East
Once the United States military is out of the Middle East entirely, and this should happen one way or another, the Iraqis will have no choice but to resume shooting at each other. With no “Great Satan” to focus on, it stands to reason that the now radicalized and heavily armed and funded new Revolutionary Army will need a new one. They will have to find some other group to rail against since they are wholly unfit to lead a modern nation and after generations of conflict, now know of no other way to live or die. 

Perhaps they’ll finally look towards the House of Saud and the super-rich Arabs that have been pulling their strings for so long OR they can still just blame Israel.

What the United States should do now

Perhaps the United States will get now get serious about how we produce oil in this country, abandon the wasteful practices of subsidizing politically motivated and inefficient energy producing schemes and focus on making oil use more efficient and produce it locally. Solar and wind has its place but oil is the atom of industry and we should take this to heart and make it better rather than wasting resources on what we already know isn't going to be the mainstay of American Economic Power.

And we should leave the Middle East…to themselves.

This is what our policy should have been from the beginning. We would have been more popular world-wide, our economy richer and our children alive.

What should not have been in the first place looks to be coming to an end.

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