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Monday, February 14, 2011

Nothing has changed in Egypt...

There has been no revolution. There have been protests but no revolt. The US funded Egyptian military has stepped forward and proven who really runs the country. Mubarak was it's titular head but when he finally became too polarizing a figure (ie: the point where EVERYBODY from all social strata hated him to the point of leaving work to protest), it was time for him to go and it was the military chiefs who told him so. So off he has gone. I'm sure he's gotten a good severance package.

It's all been so very peaceful as we have been told and it has been. But don't think anything has changed. The Army is running things and has assured the West that all treaties will be long as the money keeps coming in. There is still martial law and people still make something like $2.00 a week or some-such minuscule amount of money. I've heard it said that the Middle East has rich countries but poor people. Sort of sums it up nicely.

It remains to be seen how this democracy thing will work out for the people of Egypt. I believe the people will get their vote. I'm also sure the Army will have their preferred candidate and will probably get a raise in "aid" from Europe and the US if they promise to keep the radicals off the ballot to some degree.  They'll let it all happen as long as it pays.

Good luck to 'em. Holding onto the status quo won't be easy. The people eventually get wise to the hand they're being dealt and somebody may really start shooting.

That would be revolting.

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